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01 September 2007 - 12:29 AM

lols. this is not the result of birth control . i am a guy. this name is just a fake identity.

is there any otc products i can use to try to fix my problem?

will aha products help this? or peels?

thanks again!

oh what is this "retina" that you speak of? can i buy in stores?

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01 September 2007 - 12:22 AM

omg pls help me too. i think i have similiar condition on my back. but it is so visible. " clear white  bumps"  pls help i am very sad  sad.gif


In Topic: Whiteheads on chest/arms/back

12 August 2007 - 09:28 PM

washing with head and shoulder and  applying exessive bp ( i use dan's bp gel) worked for me

i don't leave the h&2 on though like some of the people on this forum.

your lucky. i get keloids   eusa_wall.gif

In Topic: No Back Acne is Worse than mine .. the truth

02 November 2006 - 07:50 PM

oh mayn . lol im stairing at my back and i just realized that I HAVE BLOTCHES OF WHITE AREAS FROM THE LIGHTING CREAM LOL ahhahahah ehehhehehe

In Topic: No Back Acne is Worse than mine .. the truth

02 November 2006 - 07:43 PM

BACNE PROGRESS 11-02-06[b]

IPB Image

sorry.. i havn't been on this website for a long time now .. due to school and other stuff

well.. after i realized i had SEVERE ACNE and NO over-the-counter products would work..  ( by that time it was too late) i went to get laser  on my back .

my laser treatmets ended like i think 2 months ago. and now my back is like this. hopefully it will continue to improve?

- i shall try the beach idea one day . but rite now im too insecure too take off my clothes in public

- i shall try the H & S idea

- after my laser treatments.. my acne is now currently under control i think lol . so now im using a combination of a lighting cream (night )  to get rid of the red marks + an anti-wrinkle cream (morning) to like smooth out my skin yea thats it smile.gif

any more advice on how to improve my skin would be appreciated

- oh yea and im thinkin about getting  laser treatments designed for wrinkles ? YES???!?! NO!??!?! .

oh yea .. do you guys think using hte ilghting cream + anti wrinkle cream thingy is a good combo?

or should i continue using benzyl peroxide.?!??!?

mayn i want to look like how i was before. NO ACNE AT ALL!!!!! HELP GUYS!!