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Long Time Member Back For G/f-Hormonal?

13 August 2013 - 06:57 PM

Hello, I haven't been around here for a while after being one of the original members and I'm now coming to you for advice about my girlfriend. She has constant acne on her cheeks and neck and chin. None on her forehead. She is 23 and has PCOS but can't take birth control (Side effects from several kinds).


Here is where we're at:



Intolerant as shown by bloodwork and free of the following for a several years:










Some more I can't remember


Yet is persists and is relentless. She has been on retin-a and accutane while younger. She has had acne since she got her period at age 10.


We eat few grains other than rice, we eat a lot of good fats like avacados, organic duck fat, starting to try duck eggs, olive oil, virgin cocnut oil, organic meats, raw cheese very rarely, coconut milk, nuts up the wazoo (And tons of natural peanut butter) tons of veggies and some fruit she can have. She does eat a lot of rice pasta and gluten free grains. Some gluten free beer and wine but mostly gin and soda with lime.


She takes potent probiotics, zinc citrate, primrose oil, and daily trazadone for sleep aid. In the past she's tried many kinds of fish oil which made things worse. The probiotics help the most I think. She is very active and has a regular sleep cycle.


I was more into the science side of things that dealt with males so I'm at a loss for her after the above didn't work. Any advise would be much appreciated.