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Diet + The Regimen

29 October 2013 - 08:30 PM



I posted this under the regimen section but I am not getting any feedback there. LOL

So I will post this here....


I was wondering if anyone here had some success combing the two?

I been mostly concentrating on the diet aspect in the last 7 or so years but I noticed that I always had to use benzoyl peroxide wash (10%) regardless of the composition of my diet. Out of all the products the benzoyl product somewhat controlled my acne better compared to other products.


I eat a Paleo style diet for almost 2 years but unfortunately after almost 20 years of having acne I am still breaking out. I am now 32 years old and realize I will always have acne and will never outgrow it. I don't really know what else to do at this point. I have used Accutane 13 years ago and obviously it didn't work. And I am still suffering some of the side effects from it.


I am wondering if adding the treatment gel (2.5%) like described in the regimen will make any difference? I am assuming it won't hurt me since my skin is already used to benzoyl peroxide. Does putting the gel help control the oil too? I tend to get very oily by mid-day and evening..


Any feedback would be appreciated smile.png


FYI my current topical regimen is: Clean and clear cleanser (10% benzoyl peroxide), clean and clear moisturizer (0.5% salicylic acid) (or Complex 15 moisturizer) and clean and clear spot treatment (10% benzoyl peroxide).




Healthy Supplements?

02 May 2012 - 04:09 PM


I was wondering if you guys knew of companies that provided yeast, corn, egg, dairy, nut, soy and gluten free supplements?

I been on a strict Paleo (no cheating at all, excluding night shade family, little non-citrus fruit) diet for almost 4 months but still not clear and new breakouts coming. So I am starting to think its the few supplements I am taking- multivitamin, probiotic, magnesium, vitamin d, saw palmetto extrat, that are breaking me out.

I just noticed there is brewer's yeast under other ingredients in my vitamin code multi vitamin. I am starting to think to maybe take out the multivitamin all together. I think it might be a waste of money. I eat pretty healthy. Also, I heard most of vitamin c is derived from corn. And didn't see anywhere on this multivitamin saying it is corn free.

I am wondering if the Now Foods brand is good?