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In Topic: Diet + The Regimen

15 November 2013 - 08:21 PM

Good for you! If you found a regimen that works for you, then that's great. Not everyone can get 100% clear on just diet, and most people on this forum also have a cleansing routine and/or take supplements, so very few are  actually relying on diet alone. 

If you can reduce your bp amount over time, that's even better....I personally don't believe that something strong enough to bleach towels is healthy long term.Some studies I read about long term safety of bp are sponsored companies that endorse bp products, so it's hard to find an objective source that supports long term use of bp (or at least that was the case when I researched it a few years ago).


Yeah I agree with you. I am just trying to find out what best works for me:)

I already found the right diet and supplements that work best for me for several years.

Now I just have to add in the external part and see what works best for me. So for me its the combination.

Of course once I am mostly clear (~90%), I will experiment with reducing bp. But for now bp is surprisingly making my face hurt a lot less along with reduction.

I will try to remember to update this next month or twosmile.png

In Topic: Diet + The Regimen

12 November 2013 - 09:32 PM

Just a little update


Well after 12 days of adding in the regimen to my Paleo (plus carbs) diet I have seen about 50% improvement in my acne!

My forehead is very dry and flaky but I think my skin is still getting used to the benzoyl peroxide 2.5%.

I am okay with putting benzoyl peroxide at this dose because it is not damaging in the long run according to my "research".

I am going to try to test this out 4 or 5 months in addition to my already healthy diet.

I guess for some people it is not enough to eat a healthy diet to clear up at any age!

In Topic: Diet + The Regimen

30 October 2013 - 06:18 PM

If you're already using 10% BP, adding 2.5% will probably be fine. But I would replace the 10% wash with the 2.5% gel because having both would be redundant. I would wash with a mild cleanser or soap, then apply BP gel, then apply moisturizer.


Sorry to hear that you still have acne at 32. If you're interested in different kinds of dietary changes, you might want to consider a specific food sensitivity (if your acne is inflammatory). You could also try the SCD diet; if it's a case of dysbiosis, then not feeding your microbes could resolve your acne (again, if it's inflammatory).


Benzoyl peroxide can also cause acne in some cases, and it prematurely ages the skin by creating reactive oxygen species. You could look into BP use as a potential cause if you're interested.


I already looked in dysbiosis and i don't have it. I tried the elimination diet for 4 months about 2 years ago. And all it did for me is confirm what my blood test told me that I am sensitive to corn, wheat and gluten. And obviouslly been avoidng this since I am following a diet similar to Paleo style of eating.


eah that is what I was thinking of doing. Once I receive the 2.5% BP I will stop using the 10% BP wash and just use a mild cleanser. Since I will leave in the gel to go into my pores, I figure its just as strong as the BP face wash. Well atleast thats what it says under the regimen... But many people seem to have success with the gel even though most of them eat crappy compare to me.


I will see if this will work for me...

In Topic: I No Longer Get Acne.

25 October 2013 - 08:09 PM

After doing the holistic thing for years, I can confidently say now that I no longer get acne. If there's anyone out there doubting that there's an "acne-free future," there is. The good news is that it's very possible to reverse your health to the point where your skin is actually IMPROVING, the bad news is that it takes a while to get back there and requires you probably do some "unorthodox" things. As you can see, I've been a member of this board for years and only in the last few years have things finally "clicked together." 


My diet currently: 


Moderate amount of starches, to restore muscular glucose over liver glucose. Usually in the form of russet or sweet potatoes. Sometimes I get organic potatoes when I can afford them. 

Sometimes oatmeal for breakfast, soaked for a day or two. 


Fruit, very little. I like lemons, limes and coconuts. Trader Joe's has really inexpensive lemons (cheaper than the grocery store for some reason.)

A decent amount of coconut/coconut-derived products, mostly in the form of coconut milk. But also sometimes shredded coconut, coconut water, and coconut oil (which I buy by the gallon.) 

Kerrygold Butter, suet and tallow are all fats I use to cook my food. 

Bone broth and liver every few weeks. 

Large amount of meat. Lots of uncured organic bacon, shellfish, and beef/pork. Usually free-range/pastured. Very rarely eat chicken. Eat most of my meat medium-rare/semi-raw.

Soups regularly, often with "starchier" veggies like beets, carrots, turnips, parsnips, etc. 

Salads rarely, green smoothies more often than salads. 



Also I can gladly say I've never had to go through a coffee enema/vegetarianism/veganism to get clear skin. 



Hey I remember you posting on here years ago too with success! I am glad you finally cured your acne cool.png

I kind of stopped posting and browsing on here until a week ago after my disaster oil pulling cleansing method .. lol

Before that I had been using benzoyl peroxide wash and complex 15 moisturizer for years.


I pretty much follow a very similar diet to yours for almost 2 years. With a few exceptions: I do eat fruits (1 to 3 pieces a day) and on occasion eat cheese. Also I probably don't eat enough greens. I have tried removing all fruits and cheese in the past for a short amount of time but I still got breakouts so I figure it didn't make a difference for me.

However, unlike you, I am definitely not clear at 32 years of age and after trying the oil pulling method a couple of weeks ago my acne went back to severe again. LOl this is what I get for trying to go "natural". Before that I think I ranged from 95% to moderate acne. Even when I was 95% clear, my face was really oily. Even though I was avoiding gluten, soy and most of dairy almost 2 years.


How long did it take you to get to this point of no acne? What do you use topically?




In Topic: 90 To 100% Clear Since 2009

23 December 2011 - 11:53 PM

Ultimate topical: This took me from 95% clear to just never even seeing a hint of redness or a spot on my skin, 100% ultra-clear. I use unrefined, organic coconut oil (1/3 of a tea spoon, warmed up until liquid) with 5 drops of tea tree oil. I mix that up and apply it to my face. You can feel it working and clearing your skin. Both substances - organic coconut oil and tea tree oil are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral. Coconut oil is rich in healthy nutrients, and tea tree oil is like a spot destroying machine. I only found this one out recently and it's just absolutely nailed all skin probs. Coconut oil has a slightly acidic pH which is anti-bacterial. Just apply a light covering on your skin - it will moisturize and stop your skin producing excessive sebum oils which bacteria feed off of.

I already eat pretty well with Paleo diet. But I haven't found a good face moisturizer that doesn't break me out.
I tried putting coconut oil on my face in the past but my face broke out.
I never tried combining coconut oil with tea tree oil. How did you figure out the right ratio of coconut oil to tea tree oil?
Might try that out with the tea tree oil:)