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My butt acne cure

02 September 2009 - 01:09 PM

Long story short had bacne for years. Finished accutane last april. Now my back is clear. Problem was though at the end of the course my butt started to break out. Couldn't believe it since I have never had trouble there. I was so happy to be clear of bacne and now this. It was like one problem to another. I was to embarrassed to tell my derm. And also I felt like "damn I'm already on accutane why am I breaking out like this in place I never do?"
    So I tried clearing it by myself. Regular acne soaps, BP, and exfoliation didn't help. Really wasn't surprised there since that would be the easy way out. So then I found some old aha laying around in my cabinet. It worked really good. And then I ran out. Its hydrox if anyone is interested. I could've just ordered more online. But I didn't for some reason. I think because I was on a budget. So after I ran out I definitely started to break out again. So then I came across gold bond. It made it more mild but I wasn't satisfied and if I didn't keep up every 3-4hrs I was in trouble.
   So by now I had had it. I was ready to order some more aha and hope for the best. But then I found out about this stuff called butt paste sold in the baby section at most stores. Started slappin that on with some gold bond and things really started to clear. But that isn't all. I recently added head and shoulders and BAM! This was is what sealed the deal. The H&S is really the knockout punch in this regime. But the other products work well too. BTW I tried h&s on my bacne before tane and it didn't help. But on my butt it works great.

step1 wash with H&S gently exfoliate with wash cloth(then dry off)
step2 apply even coat of butt paste
step3 powder some gold bond on(wait about 30sec-1min before putting clothes on)

Thats it. It cleared me up. Now I really have no issues. Good luck.