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In Topic: Harmony Pixel Laser - My personal experience

12 September 2008 - 03:24 PM

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Hi guys no one on here has said which harmony pixel they are using i take it it is the 2940?  Would be good if you could let me know as i am thinking if i should have it done.

If anyone in the UK is having it done would love to hear where you got it done and prices


Im looking at having the Pixel done in a London clinic, but the prices compared to the US are extortionate! £1200 for 1 treatment.  For you US ppl thats about $2400..ish. 1 treatment.  Do you know of any other UK Prices?

I have been quoted £1200 for 3 Pixel treatments at The Private Clinic.  About to book my first session for next week... very nervous tho  unsure.gif


Come to derby and get it done for 200 quid a pop.

Derby skincare and laser clinic.


14 June 2008 - 04:50 AM

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I will save you some pain. Try gamma linoleic acid found in either borage or starflower oil. You need 480mg of GLA per day.

It will give you some relief...

Edit: i seem to remember telling you about this before, if you have tried it and found that after a few weeks it hasn't helped, that is because it can take several months for it to help.... give it a decent try before you give up on it.

Also it might seem overkill but a humidifier in your bedroom will help some...

good luck


I havent tried it yet.

I have ordered evening primrose oil, its on its way.

Do you use e 45 cream at all?

Also, there is something called melatonin cream, have you tried it?, it seems to be effective


In Topic: Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy Skin Resurfacing Cream

25 April 2008 - 06:43 AM

Did it for 5 - 6 months.  no improvement

In Topic: Ways to quickly fade scars?

22 March 2008 - 09:48 AM

It a long arduous process.

In Topic: My First Pixel Treatment

24 February 2008 - 03:37 PM

I have had 3 pixel treatments (medium, light, harsh) and I have noticed some improvement to the deeper scars 30% and about 40% improvement to the shallow scars.

I plan to have 2-3 more pixel treatments at the HARSHEST level while pumping on the 'Roids

I agree with you regarding the eyes, the woman burnt real close to my eyes and even though your given goggles it still shits you up.