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3 Year N=1 - Curing Leaky Gut Is Not A Cure For Acne

11 August 2014 - 01:38 PM

For me, fixing leaky gut has not fixed my issues that cause acne (this is my result after a 3 year self detox with physician test data before and after). Had many courses of antibiotics as a child and developed bad acne in my teens (not sure if there's a correlation, just an assumption). a stool test a few years ago confirmed candida overgrowth, sibo, etc. - which suggests 'leaky gut.' after a long period of eating non-inflammatory foods and killing off the overgrowth, my 2nd stool test showed that everything was back to normal - my secretory Iga reading (mucosal barrier) was stellar, good bacteria in normal range, no candida (also no parasites but they were apparently not a problem from beginning). However i still react to almost all the same foods as before incl. almost all the common allergenic foods - wheat, milk, soy, peanut, eggs - am now also reacting to corn which didn't bother me before. This leads me to think that these foods will always cause inflammation in me and will always be off limits. Luckily i do not react to sugar and can eat most fruits in abundance. i have a lot of trouble keeping weight on so this is the only way. i did several tests with a physician after my long-term cleanse, and am in great health - liver is fine, etc. Only thing the report said was to take digestive enzymes, but even a very strong one does not keep the acne away if i eat those foods. I also added in TMG for stomach acid (also took betaine hcl), fish oil. I worked my way up to eating home-made sauerkraut and other probiotic foods, which at first gave me big problems, but now i'm good, taking probiotics in pill form too. But - NONE of these keeps my acne away if i eat inflammatory foods. Luckily, avoiding intolerances, does. And i don't think there's a cure for me other than that.

Also - i've tried lots of other cures - only accutane, vit A and b5 worked 100% for me (while eating poorly) - but all had side effects. nothing else has ever worked.


Kidney Pain Post Candida Diet

25 April 2014 - 11:43 AM

hi ya'll, so i did the candida diet (no sugar, fruit, carbs for a year), antifungals (Nystatin, coconut oil, SF722), and totally cleared my skin*. problem now is, to keep the candida from coming back, i eat fermented foods. but when i wake in the morning, my kidneys hurt and my pee smells bad if i eat them. i know it's die-off/toxins from the remaining candida. I tried molybdenum and pantethine but neither seems to help the kidney thing. Molybednum does help me go back to sleep though if the candida toxins wake me up. Has anyone else had this issue? I have tried kidney herbs/cleanse, but they don't help. They don't hurt during the day, just after not drinking water all night.  Thank you!



*i put the * above because, while i have totally cleared my skin, most of my intolerances have not gone away.  they got better on the candida diet, but as soon as a reintroduced fruits, old intolerances started coming back and would break me out.  as long as i avoid those intolerances, my skin is clear.