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Dry Skin And Prom Makeup

13 May 2014 - 11:54 PM

I have prom in 4 days and my skin is still dry and flaky because of the Regimen. As most know, dry skin and makeup don't go well. If anyone knows a good exfoliator i can use then please let me know. I don't like to use harsh ones because they are irritating but just this once won't through my skin out of waco, plus my skin isn't that sensitive to exfoliators. 

Also, a really good moisturizer would be good too! I use Dan's and it seems to be too mild for me, it provides immediate relief but my skin gets dry sometimes 2 minutes later when its all absorbed in. 

I am using AHA every night and that seems to help a good amount but at the end of the day i still have flaking skin around my nose, chin and between my eyebrows. Everywhere else its a problem. 

Thank you in advance for any tips! 

Full Face Makeup Free! Rms Beauty And The Regimen

23 April 2014 - 12:05 AM

I've been on The Regimen for only 5 days now and am starting to see a difference. My skin was never horrible but I was starting to break out in female, adult, hormonal acne. It was concentrated around my chin and slowly started spreading up to my cheeks. What I believe prompted this breaking out was NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. It is such a beautiful foundation but after a few weeks of using it I was breaking out more and more. I stopped using it after a month or so and began using Neutrogena SkinClearing Foundation. I used this for a few months but it was no longer matching my colour so when I went to buy a new one, none of the other colors suited me. This is when I changed to the Almay Blemish Heal Tech Foundation. I used this and was okay with it. The coverage was alright and it didn't seem to break me out further. Then I switched to RMS un-coverup, I LOVED this but by the time I started to use it my breakouts were getting so much worse it wasn't hiding anything and I wasn't happy. I went back to Almay for a while. Then I decided to order the Acne.org starter kit, and simultaneously bought Cover FX oil-free natural finish foundation. This is what I have been using for the past 5 days and its very good for acne-pron skin but I don't like the idea of it honing in outside pollutants and other nasty things on my face so I am now deciding to no longer wear foundation. 

Now I am not stopping all use of makeup. I will still use mascara and eyeliner, I am not a makeup junkie and always opt for the natural look. So a few swipes of mascara and some eyeliner when I'm feeling extra sassy is good for me on the eyes. 

My cheeks I will use RMS lip2cheek which I absolutely LOVE. Its an amazing blush/lip tint and it doesn't break me out. And I will also use their living luminizer which is a holy grail product for me. 

I will also be using RMS un-coverup under my eyes since I have hereditary dark circles and they make me look like I just woke up from the dead if I don't apply a bit of concealer. 


So that is my new makeup routine. No more all over face makeup or make up brushes and sponges. Just a few fingers to gently pat on my blush and luminizer and a few daps of cover-up under my eyes with a splash of mascara. 


CHECK OUT RMSBEAUTY.COM their makeup is all natural and organic but NOT oil-free but is free of all harmful oils.

Trust me this brand changed makeup for me!