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#3451334 My Skin Cannot Stand Moisturizers At All, What To Do?

Posted by TerrificOnion on 09 September 2014 - 08:28 PM

I have dry sensitive skin and my skin hates moisturizers too D: I was convinced that all moisturizers were a bad choice for acne prone skin because all the ones I tried (even the "special" ones for acne prone skin) made things worse and broke me out. Over the years I have, however, found products that work and don't bother existing acne or give me new acne. 

Also, Its good look for moisturizers with minimal ingredients. Here is a DIY recipe for a 2 ingredient moisturizer! The fewer ingredients, the fewer things that could cause acne!

I use Hemp seed oil as a moisturizer. This is completely non comedometic. yay! It does leave your face shiny depending on how much you use though. It works as a good night time moisturizer because of this. 

Ever heard of or tried Hyaluronic acid? This should not bother your acne. It has minimal ingredients and works good under creams or by its self. I us it and my skin is still happy :)

I am still on the search for more ways to moisturize my skin. This is what works so far for me.

Having a regimen that is kind to your skins natural moisture barrier is also a good idea!

Wish you luck^^

#3451270 My 30 Day Challenge- No Picking Face. This Time For Real

Posted by TerrificOnion on 09 September 2014 - 10:11 AM

That's so awesome! I need to do this! I am way better than I used to be at picking my face...but I still do. This is encouraging to read :)  

Keep at it! <3

#3425532 Dating With This Face (Pics)

Posted by TerrificOnion on 10 April 2014 - 08:44 PM

I'm awful at giving advice about things like this, but I just wanted to let you that your skin really does not look bad at all. You are also very pretty smile.png I can totally relate to feeling rejected, though, and especially because of physical appearances. For whatever reason, you and him weren't meant to work out. Try not to let this stop you from dating because you will find someone for you who thinks everything about you is great, even your skin! I'm a picker, and sometimes my bf sees me after I destroy my face picking and he still thinks I'm pretty. I think he's crazy lol, but I think there's someone like that out there for everyone. Feel better!


Thank you all for the kind words...I know you are giving me your honest opinion, and I appreciate it.

@bubbles55: At this point, I cannot afford any treatments and I am also nervous to try anything strong like lasers for fear of the acne returning. The little bumps are there sometimes and I had them before so I'm fine with those as long as they don't turn into big cysts. They are usually the last ones to subside once the major cystic acne goes away, so I'm being positive. Scrubs and peels help but I haven't done those recently. I was more worried about the rough texture and scarring.

To the men who answered, this gave me a new perspective....guys are just as insecure sometimes, I have to remember that. I usually assume that if a guy doesn't try hard, it means he doesn't like me and I back off, but maybe I will try a different approach this time.

@lighthousesrule27, I am only wearing a bit of cc cream in this pic, but my inflammation has diminished a lot  (I thank DIM for that). Usually the cc cream helps even out dark patches (I have those under my eyes - another insecurity) and fill in scars a little. You are right, confidence is key! I see so many girls who do not fit the conventional "attractive" mould and yet they are in happy relationships with great guys. All your speculations about this guy seem possible, I guess I'll wait until Saturday to find out what exactly he wants from me....I hope it doesn't end up in the friend zone like a previous date of mine did a while ago.

@krissy990: I know exactly what you mean. I actually posted photos of my face a while ago to ask about my scarring, and I couldn't even get the scarring or whiteheads to show up in the picture. This is literally the only photo I could get of my scars. So it really depends on lighting, that's why I was so worried about meeting this guy in daylight, and unfortunately the second date will be outside in the hot sun in the middle of the afternoon. I'm worried about sweating on top of everything else. 

Based on my experience, online dating is touch and go. You might stumble upon a great guy or you might end up going out with a total jerk. But if you have been having good conversations with this guy, chances are you will hit it off in person as well. I recommend meeting at a place you feel comfortable in the first time and see how it goes. You might realize YOU don't like him, not the other way round - there's always that possibility. But if he wants to meet you and you get a good vibe from him, then go for it. Life is short. Good luck!!!


I agree with paigems post :) And you are beautiful :) From the pictures I see, i doesn't look that bad. really! I am pretty sure I can relate to how your feeling though! I have been feeling similar to this all week. I hope you find a wonderful guy who loves you for you. And I hope your skin changes for the best! 


#3421888 Can't Stop Picking My Face. Help?!

Posted by TerrificOnion on 22 March 2014 - 08:10 AM

Thank you!

I will definitely try to limit looking at my face and stay away from the mirror. It will be hard but I have to do it! Like you said, I know I will be happier. I just have to keep telling myself that.

I have been using polysporin on spots. I might try peroxide though.  And ice is a good idea :D

Thanks again!