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What's Happening?!

21 April 2014 - 01:37 PM

Hey guys! Well I've had severe acne for 5 months now.. I have been able to manage most of the cysts until 5 days ago. Yet, I had a LOT of redness,scars, hyperpigmentation everywhere on my cheeks. 5 days ago, I went on a 48 hours fast with water only. As soon as I started my fast, face began to breakout everywhere. No cysts, but just whiteheads. I breakout where I normally don't... Also, my face seems to purge everything, all the tiny blackheads and all the pores seems to come out. 


I've been taking supplements for a month now: Vitamin A,C,D,E Zinc

I've stopped taking them on the fast though.

I've been drinking MASSIVE amount of water in the past 3-4 days.


Anyone has an explanation of what is happening to me ?


Thanks everyone :)

Sun And Acne

06 April 2014 - 02:25 PM

Okay guys let's start off! 5 months ago I started to get acne on my cheeks for the first time in my life ( 21 years old). At first it wasn't that bad until the month of December. Then it got pretty much severe, cysts all over my cheeks, whiteheads etc. I've tried minocycline and it had no effect on me. I then got prescribed epiduo. I'm on my 7th week and it doesn't seem to clear up that much. Recently, the sun is starting to shine again and I'm trying to absorb the most of it since I thought I had a vitamin D3 deficiency. Whenever I get back from outside, my acne seems worse then ever (much more red!). Also, my forehead has so many little blackheads which I never had before. 

I'm also taking Vitamin A ( 10 000IU) Vitamin C (1500mg) Vitamin D3 ( 5000iu) Vitamin E (200 IU) along with Zinc supplements ( 50mg)


My question is : Do you guys think the sun is good for your skin or not?!


Thanks everyone :):)