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My Spiro Log

11 March 2014 - 02:32 PM

Hello all,


I wanted to start a log to keep my track of my progression on Spiro. 


Quick bio: Long time acne sufferer, I did Accutane twice and it worked both times however when I was taken off the bumps started to come back. My derm and gynecologist explained it was hormonal acne and diagnosed me with PCOS. My derm started me on Spiro (100mg), and a low does Retin- A (0.025) because I'm also getting laser hair removal on my face and she doesn't want my skin to burn. 


My acne is moderate consisting of whiteheads and blackheads. I usually breakout on my cheeks and under my eyes but now its slowly going up to my forehead and around my jawline and chin. I used to have cysts but (knock on wood) I no longer get them (maybe from the Accutane?)


Day 5

I started Sprio 5 days ago from today. Prior to starting I had a breakout on my cheeks and some small bumps on my forehead. The bumps on my cheeks are mostly gone minus a small bump on the side of my nose that I popped (I know, I know but it had pus in it and was ready to go!) and another very tiny bump on my cheek that I also popped and is now red. I have a ton of scars on my cheeks and on my forehead and nose. I have to get my skin used to the Retin-A so I can only put it on twice a week for a little bit. I really hope I don't get an initial breakout and if I do this is the worst of it. I'm tired of covering my face up with makeup and canceling plans with friends. I have to go to a party on Saturday and I'm hoping I'm mostly clear by then



Any Spiro users, please feel free to tell me about your progression as well!

Just Started Spiro-Looking For Advice

11 March 2014 - 02:16 PM

Hello, long time browser first time posting!


So I guess I'll go into a short bio- I've suffered with acne since I was about 11 years old. I used to have horrible cysts, would cancel plans, the worst self esteem--it was bad. I went on Accutane in 2012 and it did wonders for my skin. After 6 months of treatment my derm took me off of it because I was clear. My acne then crept up later in the year and I was put back on Accutane and again it worked its magic. However, my acne has just recently crept back with a vegence.


Thankfully I haven't been getting those nasty cysts anymore however I still get clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads. My derm told me it was hormonal acne and put me on Sprio (100mg) and low dose Retin A (0.025) I'm also on Sprintec BCP. 


I just started 5 days ago, I havent had any new bumps form (knock on wood!) but I just want to know when you all started seeing results. And if you did have an initial breakout, was it similar to your own normal breakouts or worse?


Would really like some advice! Acne sufferers, unite! =)