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#3416630 Dermarolling With Retin A, Infadolan And Topical Vitamin C

Posted by Scarman on 25 February 2014 - 05:49 PM

Also I am desperate to get rid of my scars. I have been rolling for about 15 months and I only recently started seeing some improvement. 

Wow, that's a lot of time and you noticed only slight improvement? sad.png I'm on the same boat as you but I was hoping i'd see some nice results in 6 months. I started rolling/stamping my face last month but I use the stamp much more often. I did a lot of research and the general consensus is that dermastamp is better for deep scars, it gives you more control over the damage and it's less painful. I feel like the roller is not doing anything for me and it hurts a lot.


Yes but my scars were very deep in a large area, also every body is different. What you eat, age, your technique, frequency, topical creams they all count. Its been a learning curve for me, I suppose if I knew what I know now at the beginning I am sure my results would be different and I would have never gone to clinics. 


For deep scars I understand it's best to use 1.5mm dermaroller and stamp together. Roll your face then stamp it with the right technique. There are lots of good videos. Also have a look at owndoc forums. At first It looks like nothing is happening but if you do everything right you will start seeing results. My improvements were around 2 - 5% few months ago after each roll, now probably around 10%


I recently started using Retin A 0.1%, coper peptides, vitamin C. Hopefully I will see better improvement. 


Good luck..

#3416013 Derma Roller Derma Stamp Blood Creeps Into Dermaroller

Posted by Scarman on 22 February 2014 - 05:50 PM

Hi all,


Recently I ordered and used owndoc 0.5mm, 1.5mm dermarollers and 1.5mm derma stamp.


Because I roll aggressively my face gets covered in blood and blood creeps into behind the rollers and stamps needles (Please see the photo). They recommend to use plant sprayer to clean them. With the 0.5mm roller I didn't use the plant sprayer, just washed it under warm water, but blood didn't come of I even used small brush with soap. Then when I used 1.5mm roller I used plant sprayer every time it was covered with blood, although it helped allot, there is some blood left inside the roller (under the needles) Since the drum is see through you can see some left over blood. 


My question is can I use these rollers again? Does any one know or had similar issue with rollers? To sterilise them I use dermaroller cleaner spray which is alcohol based and purchased it from amazon. 



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