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#1036801 Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?

Posted by RatherBeSurfing on 20 March 2006 - 12:11 PM

After having great success with Sea Salt baths (see other thread).......I noticed the following:

Remaining occasional blemishes were focused on borders of hair......on face, back of neck, underarm, and inner thigh.....first thing came to mind is longtime assumption that I had some sort of folliculitis.

Next Step:
Researched the subject.....and found a medical paper on eMedicine.com (http://www.emedicine...RM/topic338.htm) that said "Pityrosforum Folliculitis" is regularly misdiagnosed as acne......and is successfully treated with a chemical known as "Ketoconazole", the main ingredient in a dandruff shampoo called "Nizoral". Over-the-Counter is 1% strength and sold at Target, Walgreens, etc....it comes stronger with a prescription.

Bought it and have been using as a shower gel.....letting it sit on my body for 5 minutes before washing off.

As of the date of this post it has only been one week, but I have never seen my quality of my skin improve so much so quickly.....

Does anyone know anything about this beyond what little I have found?



#1004980 What has worked for me: SEA SALT

Posted by RatherBeSurfing on 02 March 2006 - 04:31 PM

My backround....34 yr old male......problem goes back to teens.....face, back, chest, arms all affected...and I was a picker (scars/marks/etc)....diagnosed as moderate to severe....I have never taken pictures, but at my worst I have looked as bad as any image on this website.

I have used every variation of every regimen on this website.....to include medicine, diet and behavior.....and did so for periods of up to four weeks....all of which has suppressed the breakouts in different ways.......but never stopped it.

Dermatologists could not help.......stopped going after they would eventually prescribe Accutane.

Long story short.......arrived at the following regimen that has really given me NORMAL skin, not perfect skin, but NORMAL skin....a single pimple every once in a while.....but no more BREAKOUTS.

1) SOAK once a day (twice a day if severe) in baths of SEA SALT purchased at local grocery store.  Get water as hot as you can stand it, add approx 30 ounces of sea salt, and soak for 30 minutes.  Do not get out until your skin begins to prune.

2) GENTLY exfoliate with synthetic brush while soaking in tub (thanks Jess).....again I said GENTLY.

I take very brief showers after the nightly soak, using Neutrogena Body Wash....but the soap I use doesn't seem to matter.

Results have been a process, not an event.  Its been about eight weeks......about a 75% VISUAL improvement and about a 90% improvement in TEXTURE.......big ugly depressed scars/marks from wounds I was told would never heal are gone.

In hind sight, I believe that about 50% of the severity of my skin problems were self inflicted......with the amount and rate of chemicals I have put on my body (and the picking), it is amazing I have any left.

I, like many others on this board, noticed the amazing results of time spent in the ocean during the summer....and feel stupid that it took me this long to figure out.

Hang in there everyone.....