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#3380378 Will I Ever Have Good Skin?

Posted by lightersUP on 04 September 2013 - 11:55 AM

Research lavender oil. Supposed to do wonders mixed into your regular moisturizer.

#3309787 Did My Cleanser Stop Working?

Posted by lightersUP on 10 December 2012 - 03:40 PM

Get rid of the tea tree oil, and only stick to one astringent.  Why are you using 2?  Sometimes the best treatment is the most simple regimen you can get away with.  Adding too many extra steps can make your skin freak out.  Good luck.

#3297235 How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Posted by lightersUP on 23 October 2012 - 07:15 PM

I feel good, and hopeful for a change.  I've been trying to get my skin back to 100% clear for the past few months and I've always felt like my progress was shaky.  Some weeks I would be happy, then the next thing you know a few more spots crop up and it's back to square one.  All the while I feel like my face could breakout terribly at any minute.  I know everyone here knows that feeling.

But now I feel that I'm finally moving steady towards my goal and the worst of my breakouts are behind me.  I just need to be patient and consistent with my routine.

#3231607 The OIL CLEANSING METHOD (Highly Recommended!)

Posted by lightersUP on 05 April 2012 - 02:48 PM

I just wanted to update on my horrible experience with OCM and hopefully save some people from going overboard with this.  If you do try it it's important to know when to stop if you're experiencing breakouts.  Absolutely do not continue if your face seems to be getting worse.  I stopped the OCM about 3 weeks ago and I'm still dealing with the consequences.  While my face is now smoothing out and less red than before, I still have several splotches here and there and some lingering bumps.  Thankfully the huge cystic acne have dried out but I can tell it'll be about 1 month more before my face returns to normal.  

The warning sign I should've noticed while on OCM was when I saw several under the skin bumps on my cheeks.  I thought, oh this must be purging.  WRONG.  It was actually my pores being severely clogged up with oils.  I know this because over the upcoming weeks I would get horrible cystic acne in those areas.  It was crazy and like nothing I've ever experienced before.  At the height of this breakout I would wake up to new acne and whiteheads DAILY.  These would be so huge and hurt when I smiled.  I would examine my face and my cheeks would look so bumpy like the Rocky Mountains, and that's no exaggeration either.  As the days went by these would turn even more red and inflamed.  I even remember one morning I touched a sore spot very very lightly and it just oozed out pus.  I knew then that I had to stop OCM.  I was probably sealing in so much bad bacteria in my face and it just looked like I had a very serious skin infection.  

Trying the OCM is no doubt the worst thing I've ever done to my face and I've been dealing with acne for more than 10 years.  Once again please be careful with this., especially if you have only mild acne.  This could easily turn it moderate.

#3225259 The OIL CLEANSING METHOD (Highly Recommended!)

Posted by lightersUP on 14 March 2012 - 01:10 AM

Wow, where to begin...  I did the OCM for about 2 months and it really messed up my face.  Please BEWARE of this method if you have combo, acne-prone skin like myself.  

I used a blend of olive oil, castor oil, and tea tree oil and did the cleansing diligently every morning and night.  I followed up with a light application of the same oil blend as a moisturizer.  The first week, my face was glowing, radiant and I was so excited that I might have found my holy grail cleansing regimen.  Boy was I so wrong!  Every morning after that, I noticed new whiteheads cropping up in random places, but I still stuck to the OCM.  I thought that this was an initial purge but the breakouts just kept going.  I also noticed some tender red spots and breakouts in places that have been clear for years.  I even had breakouts in my moustache and eyebrows.  Still I kept with it, hoping that it would all pass.  It didn't, and it just got worse and worse.  I also noticed that some of the acne would be very red and painful.

I woke up one morning, looked at my face in the mirror and was horrified.  This was the last straw for me.  The OCM was ruining my complexion and I had to stop.  

I read a bit more about OCM and found this link:


Please read that link before even considering this method.  I realized that for me personally, OCM just wasn't cleansing my skin deeply enough, and my pores were clogging up.  I needed to get back into the rhythm of a daily BHA cleansing to clean out my pores.

I came into this with an open mind and gave it many weeks, but sadly the OCM didn't work for me.  I'm not trying to sound like a jerk here but this just goes to show how much it ruined my complexion.  I seriously have never had such a persistent and thorough breakout slowly covering my entire face.  My forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck were breaking out all at once and this has never happened to me in my entire life.  I really think it was the worse breakout I've ever had, and the only thing I was using were these oils.  My jawline was pristine when I started this, and when I finally stopped OCM, it was just a bumpy red mess.  It's never been like that EVER.  Overall, I counted over 20 breakouts all over my face at once, and I started OCM with a fairly clear face.  It was time to let it go.

Since then, I've returned to normal cleansing.  Using a BHA face wash, and an AHA moisturizer spiked with Tea Tree Oil for antibacterial effect (that's the only useful way to incorporate oil into my regimen).  This is working well for me and thankfully clearing up my face again.

So to everyone here, BEWARE and listen to your face when considering OCM.  Sure, it would be nice to go all natural, but I really think I'm better off with the traditional means of BHA/AHA cleansing.

#3204998 Popped every single zit on my face yesterday

Posted by lightersUP on 15 January 2012 - 03:02 PM

Good ideas in the replies.

What worked for me too: dim the bathroom lights and when you're home, put a mask/cream on the active zits so that you can't see them and be tempted to squeeze.  I also constantly tell myself that whiteheads look better than red scabs.