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09 February 2014 - 08:59 PM

I am among the 2% who have taken Accutane twice with no results. Turmeric when digested in capsule form (95% standardized curcumin) has cured my acne problems. It doesn't come with side effects as Spironolactone does. This supplement must be taken with black pepper extract in order for it to be effective.


08 February 2014 - 09:14 PM

Please everyone, I have suffered from cystic acne for 20 years. I am among the 2% who have taken Accutane twice with no results. I tried turmeric as a supplement not with the intent to treat acne, but it did just that. 20 years of cystic cronic acne has disappeared! No joke! My life has changed because of this. You must only take the supplement with 95% standardized curcumin and it ABSOLUTELY MUST be taken along with black pepper extract. I know folks, this shit sounds crazy, but black pepper is needed to help absorb the turmeric derivative, curcumin. If you can't afford the black pepper extract supplement do what I do and take a shot of black pepper (1/2 tsp) with a cup of juice. Trust me, you will notice a difference within 24 hours. But I only had results with the turmeric when taken with the black pepper. Otherwise, nothing at all. This is so life changing that I'm trying to reach out to medical research entities to have this drug studied for it's dramatic affects on acne. If anyone can help with this please let me know. I am willing to provide my 20 years of medical records and become a lab rat if necessary. This drug needs further publication.