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11 June 2014 - 09:04 AM

Day 23

Crazy how time flies! I don't really have any pimples, and that's great!! I am still struggling with my makeup. My face is blotchy and very red, so I have to wear makeup. My skin is still oily unfortunately, but it is also flaky. Makeup is such a pain! My face doesn't feel dry though? I apply cerave cream twice a day, and aquaphor all over my face at night. I don't understand someone help me! I have been using a primer which is helping somewhat, but I haven't found the right one. 


Side effects: 


I have had two nosebleeds which are not fun. I have been using saline nose spray. It is helping. Besides that, no side effects. Even my lips aren't that bad.

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03 June 2014 - 05:55 PM

Day 15

Hello to you all! My skin actually  is not that dry. I moisturize twice a day, but it honestly was drier with Benzyl Peroxide and Retin A. Interesting how that is right? Well the only side effect I have noticed is back pain, but that could be because I was on my feet working for a long time today! My lips are not even that dry. My skin has not had any huge breakouts since the first week(knock on wood) but I do have some smaller ones. I can't really tell if thy are actually pimples or just like irritation though, because my skin is still itchy. The itchiness has decreased though thank goodness! My makeup used to suck, but  I recently went to Sephora, and I have been using Smashbox hydrating primer and it has kept my makeup on so well! I am so surprised when I blot my skin my makeup doesn't come off! I am still experimenting for a new foundation thought because I don't love  mine. Any suggestions?  Anyone know any other good primers? Also, my oilness is still here. GRR GO AWAY! I hope that will kick in soon! Adios :)

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02 June 2014 - 09:53 PM

I would totally recommend checking out Tarte BB cream at Sephora.  It's a tinted moisturizing primer that's SPF 30 and it feels so lovely on your skin.  I found it a few months ago and it's really been a product I wish I would have known about forever!

Thanks I will check it out! Do you wear it alone?

In Topic: 19 F/mild-Moderate Acne

01 June 2014 - 09:31 AM

Day 13


I am sorry I have not updated in  awhile! I was on vacation. So my skin has not necessarily broken out, but I do have VERY itchy skin on my face. i moisturize 3-4 times a day with cerave cream, and use aquaphor at night, but it is still so itchy! I also have a lot of little bumps on my face that attribute to the itchiness, because they aren't pimples. I am debating if  i should go see my doctor, because the itching is terrible! My lips are chapped, but they aren't incredibly bad. Besides that, I have not really noticed any other side effects, except maybe being tired! hahah 


I am going to sephora today to figure out my makeup situation... I hate the two I have: clinique even better liquid foundation and pur minerals 4 in 1 powder foundation. The liquid makes me feel wet and disgusting, and the powder looks extremely caked on, so i am seeing what they have in the tinted moistiruzers/natural foundations department. I am also in the market for a primer. Let me know if you know of any good ones! Until next time friends! xoxo

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25 May 2014 - 09:12 PM

Day 7

Sorry it has been awhile guys. I am on Day 7, and I am on vacation. I haven't noticed dry lips or less oil yet. Before starting Accutane, I had dry flaky skin from years of BP and retin a use. Makeup has been a challenge, and still is. I use Cetaphil SPF 15, Cerave Cream, and I recently started with Jojoba Oil. I haven't seen much difference, anyone have experience with Jojoba oil? I seem to notice some small flesh raised bumps, but I can't really tell. Could be the Accutane. I haven't had any huge breakouts, just the small flesh bumps for now.