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Derm Prescribed Over 150 Mg/kg Cumulative Dose... Good For Extreme Oil?

12 January 2014 - 01:21 PM

Hello friends. I'm a 27 year old female finishing up my fourth month of accutane (technically Absorica) and upon seeing my face at a recent derm appointment (I had two pimples and 1 cyst that was in the process of shrinking) she said she's putting me on another month of it. I wasn't too happy to hear this because I've been experiencing lots of annoying side effects like: dry lips (duh), eczema on tops of hands, dry skin, dry bloody nose, fatigue, minor short-term memory loss, lack of concentration and lethargy (probably all from the fatigue), joint pain in knees and back, occasional mild face and arm flushing, mild tane face burn that others have noticed, curticles in nails stopped growing, nails are weak and split and crack easily, and weight loss. I think that's about it in terms of side effects. The most annoying ones are the fatigue, weight loss, and knee pain.

My accutane doses have been the following: month 1: 30mg, months 2 though 5: 60mg. I'm pretty tiny so I weighed about 49kg at the start of my accutane course. According to research, the best and ideal accutane course is a cumulative dosage of 120-150mg per kg. According to that formula, my cumulative dose will be 128mg/kg at the end of 4 months (which I will finish in a few days). At the end of 5 months, which is what my derm just prescribed, my cumulative dose will be 165mg/kg, which is above that 150mg/kg limit.

My acne is moderate to semi-severe at times but persistent and hasn't responded well to all other prescription meds until accutane. My skin is about 92% cleared at this point and continues to improve. My skin was extremely oily before accutane. I could soak one or two of those oil blotting sheets within 1 hour of washing it before starting accutane. It was that bad and the extreme oil would melt any makeup and concealer (even mattifying/oil absorbing powder) I had on within an hour or two to try to cover up my acne. I'm soooo happy with what accutane has done with my oily, shiny disco ball of a face in addition to clearing the acne.

My questions are: should I stop the accutane early once I reach the 150mg/kg? Will going over help prevent as much oil from coming back?  Has anyone gone over 150mg\kg and want to share their experience (positive or negative)? Or just share your experiences if you've been in a similar situation, particularly with extremely oily skin? Thanks!