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In Topic: Pre-Wedding Accutane Therapy

18 May 2014 - 11:38 AM

I had extremely oily skin like you and finished an aggressive dose of absorica in February.  My oiliness started to come back a month after stopping treatment but it's not as bad as it was before, even now.  Your skin will very likely be amazing by august and oil free but there's a chance you'll experience some "Accutane flushing" and have a sunburnt look to your face.  That being said It probably wouldn't hurt to try out some self tanners as it may help cover up the flushing in addition to makeup despite your dryness.  There's a long lasting one I've used from sephora that is awesome that may be able to withstand your dry shedding skin.  I got it as a free sample and often see it as one of their free sample options.  It's called vita liberata pHenominal 2-3 week tan mousse.  Also I'm not sure if this will help the splotchiness on your arm and other non face parts but the absolute best body moisturizer I found was aveeno eczema therapy cream.  It's better than the cetaphil and cera ve body creams I've tried.

In Topic: Blisters On Lips While On Accutane?

18 May 2014 - 11:10 AM

I did while on Accutane, twice.  Maximum strength OTC cortisone cream applied several times a day followed by a metric ton of aquaphor helped clear it up in a day or two.  Keep your lips covered by aquaphor at all times 24/7, 365, etc. to help prevent the blisters (and cracked, open corners of lips which I had at the same time as the blistering) from coming back.

In Topic: Stopping Accutane - Dry Eyes And Tiredness

17 March 2014 - 01:10 PM

I would stay on it, the lower your cumulative dose, the high your chances are of relapsing or if too early, acne coming back just as bad as it was before taking it.  If nothing else was working for you before accutane, why risk having the acne come back just as bad as it was?  I was extremely tired during my course and my eyes got more dry too, both side effects have dimished significantly after I completed my accutane course a month ago.  Caffiene, exercise and tons of sleep each night helped me battle through the sleepiness side effect. I have been diagnosed with MGD and blepharitis in my eyes (years before accutane), so if you want expert tips on dry eye solutions other than those useless eye drops, feel free to message me.

In Topic: Will Accutane Clear Your Closed Comodones?

17 March 2014 - 12:44 PM

Hi guys!!
I've started my second month of Accutane and have noticed over all clearing. In the months prior to starting Accutane I noticed I was getting all these small skin coloured bumps on my cheeks and around my mouth/ chin area. I think since my skin has improved these bumps appear to look worse. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if accutane will clear these up?
Thanks!!! ;)

I developed a ton of those small, closed, skin-colored bumps all over my forehead and cheeks during my first and second month on accutane.  They all cleared up by the fourth and fifth (my final) month.  Even all of the annoying blackheads went away too.  They'll go away, just give it time.

In Topic: Accutane And Back Acne

07 March 2014 - 11:09 AM

My son has only been on Accutane for a few days. His back is so bad he actually has a hole in it from his acne. I can't imagine that one isn't going to scar. I'm going to be patient and hope this works for him.

For most people, it will unfortunately it will take a few months of this dreaded acne 'purging' before the acne really improves.  It will take time, but the time is definitely worth it in the end.  Scarring is definitely a possibility with acne anyway, whether or not you're on accutane. 


Fortunately, there are different treatments available from cosmetic dermatologists for acne scars after the acne has cleared like fraxel lasers, laser resurfacing, excisions, and others.