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#3444304 Things To Do For Hyperpigmentation/ Red Marks/mild Scarring

Posted by Threedaysgrace on 30 July 2014 - 03:10 AM

1. Be consistent with products + patient

2. The list below may improve appearance of scars but this is mainly for hyperpigmetation+ red marks.

3. Sorry for any spelling errors

4. Be careful with acids not recommended for darker skin people and make sure your not allergic to any of these - test it on skin

5 Oils can be comedogenic


Hyperpigmetation- skin lighteners

Top ones

Uva ursi extract- arbutin ( bearberry)

licorice extract

licorice + niacinammide



glycoylic acid


Green tea

Kojic acid


aloesin- found in aloe vera plant



General Hyperpigmentation remedies that have been mentioned by previous active acne.org members.

Fenugreek                    Paper mulberry                                           mandelic acid

Ginko biloba                Linoleic acid                                            malic acid

Gallic acid                    Oleic acid                                                  manuka honey/ forest honey

Ginseng                       Glutathione                                                lactic acid - yoghurt face mask

Hesperidin                   Eucerin dark spot corrector                    honey + almond face mask

Egg white                     Clinique dark spot corrector                   Japanese rice wine/ sake- has kojic acid

Salicylic acid                Chickpea face mask- besan gram flour   apple cider vinegar

cane sugar scrub        Salt scrub                                                  Papaya enzyme- papain

Oats mask                    Rice flour scrub                                        Korean Ginseng

Application of fresh chammonile flowers                                      Tamanu oil

Olive oil - comedegonic                                                                  Emu oil

alove vera gel                                                                                 Calendula oil

Lemon                                                                                              arnica


mother of pearl





Red marks

1) red marks are inflammed skin therefore a healthy diet is eeded also. It takes time for red marks to fade.


Top not in order

Apple cider vinegar

Egg white

Likas papaya soap - beware of fakes which wlill cause acne.

Korean ginseng

uva ursi

aloe vera

Glycolic acid

licorice root extract




Curd mask

Use things mentioned in general section for hyperpigmentation







#3437165 Where To Start For Acne And Oil Free Diet?

Posted by Threedaysgrace on 21 June 2014 - 03:47 AM

 Look into antinflammatory, anti histamine, antioxdant foods
- garlic- antihistamine- very anti inflammatory start with one clove            berries- acai berry, acerola berry - high in vitamin c
- chammonile tea anti histamine and reduces stress   Cinnamon - no more than 2g otherwise toxic
- caretenoids- beta carotene: carrots, sweet potato     
- Querecitin rich foods- lovage leaves, apples
- black pepper and tumeric drink- anti inflammatory
- cumin seeds - a teaspoon
Anti inflammatory spices and teas
chamomile tea, nettle tea or ginger tea, and add garlic, thyme, fennel and basil to your recipes.
consume one teaspoon of each spice a day : Some spices have phytoestrogens so best not to have lots ,half a teaspoon of cayenne cuz it is hot,

top 15  anti-inflammatory herbs and spices.
Black Pepper

 Colorful fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and bell peppers are rich in flavanoids, says Buzzle.com. These flavanoids act like antihistamines and also contain carotenes, which promote anti-inflammatory activity. According to McVitamins.com, garlic and onions act in the same way to “retard the inflammatory reactions of allergies.

Topicals - try licorice extract or chammonile tea

And look at alternavista pinned thread - about diet and acne on the hollistic forum

Also for oily skin try spearmint tea, peppermint  or licorice they all reduces testosterone but liquorice more significantly however i wold not directly mess with your hormones until you have done the above - it says on your profile your male SO YOU PROBABLY DONT WANNA DO THE testerone reducing tea part