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In Topic: I Really Need Advice.. Been Suffering From Acne/ Scars For Over 6 Years.

30 July 2014 - 02:29 AM

licorice or uva ursi extract.

In london available in the good life and the health store tooting

Or ebay

In Topic: Rode To Clear Skin Without Initial Breakout

29 July 2014 - 11:47 PM

It's been over 3 months since I've visited this forum ^^ I am back here to update you on my acne and my current regimen. First, I hardly get any acne anymore.. maybe once a month that is not that noticeable and disappears within a few days. I've been taking garlic pill (bulb) - one at night, vitamin e - one at night, vitamin d - one at morning and night, vitamin c - one at morning and night, alpha lipoic acid - one at morning and night, bee propolis - one at night. The most important pill that is controlling my acne currently is alpha lipoic acid. During the first few weeks I took it, I noticed a little bit of breakout but not much at all. By the end of the first month and onward, it controlled my acne almost completely. I wash my face with neutrogena extra gentle cleanser at night time. And that's it ^^ The only problem I have now is to take care of the pigmentation left from my acne where I will look more into it to get rid of it 

use uva ursi extract

In Topic: Adding More Foods Without Acne

10 July 2014 - 12:14 PM

Ok so waht i though was pih was actually a cyst and i has to be the garlic as that is the only new thing i added into my diet. This is so frustating!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cyst from broocoli would be on my back but this is on my cheek

In Topic: Adding More Foods Without Acne

09 July 2014 - 12:31 PM

What about the enzymes that break down histamines? And increasing foods high in natural antihistamines. Or extract supplements.

What about eggs, sweet potatoes, squashes,? Gut healing foods like cactus, aloe Vera, purslane and other slimy foods?


I break out from all dairy and I have to kinda eat what my mum cooks so those foods are off the list

Ok so i had broccol i break out in cystic acne with more than 10 g of brocolli couple a days o before i had 80g of broccoli which resuled in a mountin sized cyst and a hive on my leg


The following day I had broccoli but one clove of garlic coooked before eating the broccoli and one raw 10 minutes afterwards and no cyst or hives.


I thought it was too mild of an anthistamine to actually work but it has so now  cann add more foods

In Topic: Going To Change My Diet , Need Advice

25 June 2014 - 03:32 PM

So i am going to change my diet to see if it controls my acne. Going to cut diary and sugar based products..i already don't eat any processed food and am on basically oil- free diet...oily food makes me sick....never drunk, never smoked...i need to ask is whole wheat grain good??  What about white plain rice and spices(like south asian spices) ?? i am also going to start eating some nuts everyday..


Any other advice is welcomed... i am an indian.. so our diet is quit different... so, more confusion...do help..

Hello I am sri lankan so I guess we have a similar diet. The diet that kept me clear was eating brown rice, pancakes made from chickpea and channa dal flour. It was lightly cooked on the frying pan- half a teaspoon of olive oil was used to make 6-8 pancakes. With rice I ate carrots, little boccolli  cabbage, red split lentils and then late I ate a 20p sesame seedbar from tesco and two apples.

I also ate chicken and salmon.

The diet kept me clear for  a month however I stopped because such a diet excludes lots of foods and it is difficult to follow such a restrictive diet for many years. Also I found out that I break out from pulse flours and brown rice brought in asian groceries so sri lankan and indian grocers I believe this was due to potential fillers and lots of pesticides being used. Buy the flour from large supermarket chains like asda and tesco.


I am trying to add more foods into my diet right now most nuts are high in omega 6 so dont have too many.


Eat low gi/low gl. How is your skin is it really itchy, if so then it may be due to food intolerance. Lokk into chinese face mapping