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Acidity in blood > I Hate Oranges

Posted 06 April 2014

OK so i started taking vitamin c tablets and i got a cystic pimpe then some sort of rash which look likecystic acne. I did further reearch and it turns out hives are caused by the reease of histamine
i have a really big cystic pimple and then the hives rash which looks like severe acne.- around 15 lumps
 Citrus release histamine - i onl...

Acidity in blood > Histamine

Posted 30 March 2014

So I believe the cocoa powder and the 20 grapes are the cause for the itching cysts on my face due to the histamine
I am cutting out grapes, cherries, berries, avocadoes, tomatoes , spinach, kale for a two months then I am ging to slowly reintroduce them into my diet..
Today I have new spots but I think that is because of the biscuits. I am so cutt...

Acidity in blood > Histamine Intolerance And Vitamin B6

Posted 29 March 2014

Ok I started a new blog abut histamine intolerance
All tthe high histamine foods seem to make my acne worse(spinach , kiwi, frozen, citrus). I was also looking at symptoms which I do hae fr example shortness f breath, abdominal pain  and food allergies. Also yesterday I decided to have cocoa powder which gave me a realyy bad cystic acne. I was...

Scar lightenining > Wild Tumeric

Posted 28 March 2014

There was post on here about tumeric but yu need wild tumeric which will not stain skin. Afterwards wash it off with tamarind. Let the tamarind dry and then wash.
I used this on a raised keloid scar and it has helped

Urgent Read. CURE? > Histamine Intolerance And Vitamin B6

Posted 28 March 2014

I was reading a post n here about people who have used b6 to treat acne. Many have been positive about it however it is taken at a higher than recommended dose for it to be effective.
Histamine intolerance  is when there are high leels of histamine which can cause itchy skin,migranes, acne, scaly patches- psorasisi
'One nutrient that stands ou...