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Abhishek17's Blog > 2 Months Of Using Regimen Cleanser, Aha + Jajoba Oil,accutane And Kojiglo Gel --- Resul...

Posted 13 March 2014

I started using Regimen from Jan 12,2014 so it is almost 2 months now
I wash my face with its cleanser as mentioned..If you want to fight with your face its different thing http:////dn4iqhjvtt3...ault/tongue.png
Be gentle while washing face..
I have no pimple problem for 6 months...

Abhishek17's Blog > Regiment Is Magic ! Be Positive

Posted 16 January 2014

Hello Friends,
My name is Abhishek. I had acne in my teen..It was war of acne on my face :)
I took ISOTRET capsules and with time it passed away but it left marks and fragile skin.
Let me tell you, I have tried everything in this planet for my skin and i was never satisfied.I can afford even $ 1000 product without any thinking.