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#3406415 The Evolutionary Biology Behind Acne

Posted by kokobear on 08 January 2014 - 10:25 AM

imo acne has nothing to do with evolution, it's just a hormonal imbalance. could be triggered by many factors (including psychological devepment) as alambicated the ways of hormones are.


just 2 quick notes:

1. nobody in my family, brother/parents/grandparents ever had acne

2. statements like "the tribe people", "ancient", "isolated", "uncivilised" don't have acne make me want to have "acme". you just can't know if they have/had acne or not.

although, there are ancient writings about acne, so they had acne..


Acne is not a hormonal imbalance, most acne patients have hormones in the normal range.

#3406269 Diet Is The Cure For Acne.....rofl

Posted by kokobear on 07 January 2014 - 05:47 PM

The reason we are replying is because you know brings up a TON of good points. We always need someone to criticize the common belief for the sake of new ideas.

But I believe that acne is caused by diet. Here's why:

First, ask yourself this. What is the most effective treatment for acne on the market? The answer is obviously accutane. Accutane clears up about 95% of acne sufferers by the end of the cycle. Accutane is the only treatment available that is known to work and completely clear up skin. Now you're probably wondering: what the fuck does accutane have to do with the diet-acne link?

Accutane is very, very similar to vitamin A. Vitamin A was actually used in high doses to treat acne before accutane was developed. Vitamin A is also very, very effective at treating acne (read link at bottom of my post). I believe that acne is caused by a lack of vitamin A. Nowadays, our diet consists of such little vitamin A that it makes my point even clearer (a pun, hahha) as to why we are seeing increased rates of acne. The half-life of vitamin A is 6 months so if you are a salad daily your levels would steadily increase.

My post probably doesn't even make sense. I am doing a terrible job at backing up my point. But seriously, do some research on vitamin a and acne. I believe the cause of acne is lack of vitamin A.



No. Accutane is as a synthetically produced chemotherapeutic retinoid, it is not just high dose vitamin A. Neither does a diet rich in vitamin a cure acne.