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19 February 2014 - 11:46 AM

The difficult thing is that I'm a male and go to the gym often to do weights, so don't want to eliminate carbs. I don't eat bacon and what not. Mostly pork loins, chops, etc. and I grab them from a butcher where the meat is free range and hormone free. I eat a lot of veggies too but is there any you specifically recommend? Everyday I usually have broccoli, kale, avocado, and cucumbers. I also eat sweet potatoes at times too. There's already so many food I can't eat, and I don't want to lose weight. The fish thing sucks. It's weird because I'm not intolerant to shellfish so I can eat those!


What do you put in your vegetable juice during the fast?


Thanks for the help.

In Topic: 10 Years Of Acne, Working On Solution

18 February 2014 - 04:54 PM

My current diet (no milk, no sugar, minimal whole grains, no processed grains) took several weeks before I saw real results, but once my skin started to clear, it just got better and better. In theory, a pimple is the end result of a process that can take days or even weeks or months. If you've changed your diet for the better (avoiding high GI foods and milk like the plague) and haven't seen results yet, give it time. If you're still eating high GI foods (yes, whole grains are still high GI), then stop and wait another couple weeks to see if the situation improves. Once my skin cleared up, I've been able to add small amounts of whole grains back into my diet. However, that was only after my insulin response/acne had been under control for several months without change. If you're still breaking out, keep omitting foods (cutting carbs and grains first) until it gets better. No joke, at one point I ate steamed fish with brocolli for an entire week because I wasn't sure what was breaking me out. It takes a while to figure yourself out.



Edit: I should also note that it's not just about what you don't eat. Including LOADS of anti-inflammatory foods like broccoli, leafy greens, fish, beets, carrots, coconut milk, and turmeric (curried fish with bamboo shoots, anyone?), can vastly improve the outcome of elimination diets. Getting rid of foods is just the first step. You have to eat for health if you really want to see an improvement in your skin.


Thanks for this. I've been eating quinoa cause I need carbs, and it's healthy. Should I experiment cutting that out? I don't do milk or really anything that's high GI.


The thing is I have so much food I can't eat because I did a blood test for foods I'm intolerant to. Most fish meals are among them. I've ate pretty healthy with a lot of veggies and fruits, and pork (the only meat I can eat as well). Been also taking supplements to repair the gut and probiotics as well.


By real results, do you mean like no breakouts for several days, or it just stop completely?

In Topic: 10 Years Of Acne, Working On Solution

18 February 2014 - 10:39 AM

Just an update. Been at this for about four weeks now. Been very strict on my diet, haven't really strayed. The only thing was I got sick and had to take tylenol for a few days, so not sure if there was a set back with it affecting the leaky gut. Anyways, I'm still getting breakouts after four weeks, which is frustrating. Sometimes it seems it's improved and then somedays it seems like days of old. I know my gut is pretty bad over the years of antibiotics, and accutane, and stress, and what not, but should I be seeing massive improvements after four weeks, or is this still normal as I know leaky gut takes a while to fix?


It could also be my liver getting rid of all the gunk through my skin, but not sure how long that will last either.

In Topic: 10 Years Of Acne, Working On Solution

04 February 2014 - 01:05 AM

Been on this rather strict diet for about two weeks now and I'm still getting new breakouts. Not as many as before but I thought it would stop completely. It was going great for a bit but then this weekend I just got quite a few new ones on the lower jay/chin so I'm not sure what happened, or what changed.


I was told that when balance to my small intenstine is restored from eliminating my food sensitivities and taking probiotics, the "bad bacteria" is outnumbered and killed off. Which means they release toxins into the digestive tract, and then processed trhough the liver which creates an exacerbation of existing skin symptoms, aka. acne. So I'm not sure if this is exactly what is happening and how long this "exacerbation will last." It's frustrating. Anyone know how long this usually lasts??

Also, I caught a cold this weekend so went on some cough/cold medicine and not sure if that affects the leaky gut as well. I also introduced flax oil, but I'm scared that was causing it so took it back out even though my blood tests said I am low reactive to flax seed.

In Topic: 10 Years Of Acne, Working On Solution

02 February 2014 - 12:03 AM



I'm not an expert on this but it would make sense that IF you would have some sort of food intolerance the "acne" from that would be just some hives or some sort of rash not really the original acne, like papules and pustules.

Not necessarily. IgE, yeah, but that's allergy. There's a lot more to immune reactions. Contact dermatitis is a good example - you can get pustules from something like detergent or poison ivy, and they look slightly different depending on the antigen. But that's when a concentrated antigen comes into contact with a patch of skin. What if you were to eat an antigen and have fragmented bits of it cross into your blood, thus diluting the antigen? You would get a more random distribution of spots. Since sebaceous glands are a necessary condition for acne, those spots are restricted to certain areas of the body.
It's certainly more complicated than that. There are lots of immune factors involved, and scientists are just now realizing that inflammatory events begin before colonization with P. acnes.

>Once a day.

Three days in, you should see fewer new spots. If you're not, I would consider other potential offenders.
I feel like I've eliminated so much food already. My meals pretty much consists of pork, avocado, quinoa, kale, sweet potatos, broccoli, cucumbers, lentils, coconut oil (to fry), tamari sauce, and fruits (canteloupe, apples, pears). I also drink a protein shake that has blueberry, blackberries, flaxseed, chia seeds, fish oil omega d3, l-glutamine, and hemp protein.
None of these came up as something I'm intolerant to on my IgG blood test.
I might try cutting out sweet potatos for now too, but really, I'm at a loss ... since I still got a couple new pimples these last couple days.

From that list, sweet potatoes would e about the last thing I'd try eliminating. Flax, soy & protein shakes are more likely culprits.

And I'd add foods back. Such as other brassicas. Do it methodically to watch for changes. What about your lifestyle?




I switched to a flax oil but might take it back out. Although I got tested for it on my IgG and it was low reaction. Why would protein shakes be a culprit? Is it the protein? I'm using hemp protein. Also have cut out soy.


Lifestyle is good, sometimes stressful. But trying to control that.