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Stopped Birth Control Pill, What's Next Iud? - Pcos And On Spiro 100Mg

04 March 2015 - 02:05 PM

Well I am back, mostly to share my new journey and document it a bit and hopefully learn from others on here.  


I have been on birth control pills for most of my adult life, hmmm about 17 years and due to increased complex migraines with aphasia I have been doctor ordered to never take birth control again.  GULP  


Basically last year I had horrible adult acne, diagnosed with PCOS, got completely clear on Spiro 75mg and Yas together. Have been clear since May 2014.  What a blessing.  So imagine my horror when my doctor told me I had no choice or I could have a stroke.  I quit cold turkey about 3 weeks ago and upped my Spiro to 100mg.  And of course started praying to the gods that I would not see a setback.  So far I have not had another breakout from the increased dose and besides being slightly more lethargic and having to pee again like a race horse since I upped it last week, things are status quo.  


Sprio has been a life saver.  I was anxious, miserable, couldn't sleep, was breaking out like crazy (Spiro did make this much worse before it got better).  And by April/May I had my life back and even better. 


Now that I am off the pill, I am interested to hear if anyone else here has quit Birth Control Pill completely? What did you try after?  How about Copper IUD?  I need to look into alternative BC methods since I am banned from the pill for life.  


Thank you!  xo

Spiro Increased Dose 3 Months In- Will I Break Out Again!?

03 April 2014 - 10:58 AM

Went to my endo today and she increased my Spiro dose from 50mg to 75mg since I am on yasmin,  If I wasn't on yasmin she said she would have prescribed 200mg for acne!!!  I thought that was extremely high and since this is a med that you need to continuously take the less would be better.  I clearly am not a doctor, but I've at least been finally clearing a bit after my third month.  I'm scared I will break out again, the first 2 months were horrible and this last month would not have been so bad with out all the leftover PIH.


Do you think I will breakout again with this incease in dose, if you did what was your breakout like when you increased it, how long did it last?  I am also on Doxy 200mg a day so hopefully that should help a bit.  Man I was just getting a baring on getting out of the house a bit and hoping to be clear in the next few weeks.  Now only my body and time will tell, but any words of wisdom, advise, experiences with increasing especially so far in.


Thank you SO much for even reading this. 

Let's Talk About Chemical Peels! I'm A Newbie And Looking For Advice

20 March 2014 - 08:38 AM

Well happy Thursday all!  Soooooo I am starting this topic because I would love to get input, info and share tips and progess using Chemical peels for pore degunking, purging, calming, PIH, scars, and redness.


I am a newbie to peels.  I literally just started a few weeks ago after desparately realizing my closed comedones from my Spironolactone IB were not going to hit the road on their own without some SERIOUS help.  Basically I started hormone treatment in january, had a crazy breakout of comedones all over my cheeks, chin, jawline... NOT cute.  Well It's been obviously some time and since not really having this kind of acne before I just kept treating it with my 2% and BP and thinking they would die a quick death and go away.  Clearly not the case.  I soon realized I needed to bring in the big guns.  I don't have uber sensitive skin, but I was definitely afraid of acid just not knowing anything about it. 


What I've tried?

  • Paula's Choice 10% Resist resurfacing- Used once, not sure if I saw anything.  Maybe some purging the next day? 
  • Kavi 8% Salicylic Acid- Put it on and washed it off, totally could just tone with it.  Too mild for anything productive beside decent exfoliation.
  • MUAC 25% Mandelic Acid Peel- Left on for 3 minutes- didn't really sting.  Liked it a lot, a little purge, helped with tone and PIH
  • MUAC 15% Salicylic Acid Peel- Left on 1 minute, burned and neutralized with baking soda and water.  Just tried it last night and the purging has begun.  Just in time for the weekend grinwink.gif  Greeeaaattttt

Interested in /Any one with experience using:

  • 20% Salicylic Acid peels- did you peel, purge, downtime, etc?  Super red?
  • Glycolic acid peels- What % to start, what is the reaction, more for PIH?  Did you purge? Redness
  • Lactic Acid peels- what are these the best for
  • Jessner peel- Kinda scares the crap out of me, but man I would love a new face right now eusa_think.gif  At home or spa?
  • Microdermabrasion-  I watched a video, kinda looks like it would hurt on active acne...any experiences?


I NEED to get rid of these comedones and erradicate them.  Thankfully it's just the same ones that have been there, not multiplying like bunny rabbits in mating season anymore.  So... time to spring clean and get these Fers out for good.  Any other tips besides Retin A or the scary Green Cream???

Advice And Encouragement Plea!

17 March 2014 - 10:08 AM

I'm reaching out for support, advice and encouragement as I am finding myself having an extremely difficult time coping with my hormonal acne treatment and lack of progress.  I have been on Spironolactone for just under 3 months and still dealing with breakouts and lots of clogged pores that are ruining the lower half of my face.  I was so hopeful for the first two months and believed it was going to be better.  I put so much pressure on myself to be clear by 3 months since everyone talked about that being the MAGICAL time. Well it's not, at least not for me.  I don't know if it will be weeks or a few more months, but I am finding daily life more challenging.  I have had severe anxiety, insomnia and feelings of depression creep up more and more.  I am avoiding friends, no problem with seeing family.  Work is something I can pore myself into, but my focus is on my acne and this treatment majority of the day.  I am seeing an endicronologist to adjust meds in the next few weeks and just started Celexa today as I just can't function like this. My acne is the worst it has ever been in my life (not cystic right now) but just made all of my pores break out.


I am crying out for help, I need positivity and would love to hear your stories, experiences, anything that can help me see the light and that there is hope.  My problem with acne is hormonal based on blood tests, so I know this is the right course, but I can't see an end.

Anyone Low Progesterone/high Testosterone- Spiro And Pregnenolone?

13 March 2014 - 03:24 PM

Well today has been a ROUGH day to say the least, but coming to have some answers finally.  Got my blood tests back today from my Natropath, High testosterone, low progesterone and low estrogen.  Soooo all in all my body is all out of whack. PCOS, pre menopausal, whatever you want to label it, it;s not good, but it makes a ton of sense for all of my symptoms:



Trouble sleeping

migraines (previous)


increased facial hair (very light blond)

oily skin


depression like feelings

irregular or absent periods


Well I've had all of those pretty much off and on throughout my life, have been able to balance with the pill until this year.


So I've been on Spiro since 12/30 only 50mg and Yasmin since January- My Free Testosterone is actually normal levels now, my Testosterone is still around 52.


Since my Progesterone is low that has an affect on a ton of processes in the body.  She has me starting Pregnenolone 25mg daily to get my body to start producing more Progestrone.  I will start tracking this new process.


As of today I am severaly broken out in small congestion all along my jaw/chin and a bit in my cheeks.  It's been under my skin since the first month on Spiro and is now purging, which is absolutely horrible.  I've never had such bad skin in my life.  Almost 11 weeks on Spiro and 3rd month of Yasmin and it's been really tough.  I am mentally and emotionally drained, I want to give up some days, but I don't have that option.  I'm a 32 year old woman who was participating in bikini bodybuilding contests last year and wouldn't go on stage now if someone paid me.  It's amazing what a year can do as a female and with hormones.  I've learned a lot and am thankful for this journey, but I am truly ready to see some relief.


Anyone try Pregnenolone?  Anyone have issues with low Progesterone and high testosterone?  Would LOVE insight and input!!!