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In Topic: Ortho Tri + Spiro Vs. Diane 35?

04 March 2015 - 02:14 PM

It sounds like you may have hormonal acne as most women do.  I am on Spiro and was recently on Spiro + Yas.  I would throw a hissy fit.  My derm was the first person to prescribe this to me, but she really had no experience.  My endocrinologist now prescibes it for me as it is a treatment for PCOS.  Perhaps you can try that route?  I feel for you and hope you can find a solution.  There may be another physician in the area that would be open if you bring your current Rx, perhaps have your Dr in San Fran write a note?  It is off label use in the US as well, but more mainstream for PCOS sufferers.  I wish you the best.

In Topic: Spironolactone

02 December 2014 - 02:06 PM

Just wanted to send you some love and more patience.  It took me a full 4 months for things to chill out.  I have had consistently clear skin since May and for May- July maybe one or two small hormonal unnoticeable.  It was one of the most challenging 4+ months of my life.  But it is SO worth it.  I started at 50mg and ocella for the first 3 months then upped to 75mg in addition to ocella. I was also on Doxy as an antibiotic and carefully weened off w no issues.  Feel free to reach out, but hang in there!

In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

02 December 2014 - 02:02 PM

Just wanted to sign in and share with everyone how appreciative I am for this board and helping me in achieving clear skin.  It was a lifelong battle and finally was diagnosed with PCOS and started Spironolactone and Ocella (generic Yasmin) last year, Dec 30th to be exact.  What followed were 4+ months of worsening skin, depression, anxiety and I almost gave up.  Then the medicine finally started working.


Medicine may not be right for everyone, but I can say that it changed my life.  I dreamed of clear skin, not worrying about my skin, living a carefree life.  It took 33 years, but I was able to find this.  To all the ladies that have hormonal concerns and considering, I am happy to share my experience and urge you to continue to look into testing- hormones, endocrinologist, etc.  I continue to be thankful and pray on a daily and weekly basis for all the support and information you all provided me.  I am feeling thankful and sending love to all of you on here. 

In Topic: Spironolactone

27 June 2014 - 10:21 AM

I've been taking it now for about a month and a half. I feel like my breaking out has decreased, I broke out a bit more last week just because it was that time of the month, but nothing cystic. I get a a small pimple now on average maybe once every other day. I actually lost 5 pounds so far, but my bust has increased in size I think. does this sound normal?

Yup!  All pretty normal.  It took me about 3 1/2 months to finally break through but my dose was low.  I did gain weight after upping it to 75mg with BC.  My boobs did grow a cup size plus.  

In Topic: Spironolactone

22 June 2014 - 06:04 PM

Hey there!  Just thought I'd share my experience.  I started on Spiro 50mg  and Yasmin on 12/30 last year.  It took about 4 months to stop the constant breaking out.  I had mild hormonal acne prior due to PCOS.  It was only after I upped the Spiro to 75 mg with Yasmin on the 4th month that the oil production slowed down and consistent clarity began.  I did gain a little bit of weight due to the estrogen increase, I also grew at least a cup size maybe 2.  I just have to watch my diet and may go on Metformin to balance my insulin, issue with PCOS.  How are things going for you?