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Sun + BP

04 June 2006 - 03:30 PM

today right (oman i shud know better) i went out to play basketball and didnt put any sunscreen on
i figured
*its jus 1day for like 1hour it aint gon matter*

so newho i playin basketball an it was about 26'c and it was nice an sunny (for the UK)

i saw myself in mirror earlier an thought
"wow ive caught the sun today"

newho now tonight, im in the bathroom and i realise how red my chin looks (the only place i apply bp)

anywho, if this is stil here tomorrow ima look funny with a redchin
hopefully people wont notice and if they do il tel em i always catch the sun on my chin worse

hehe i think its funny now for some reason
gues im stil happy coz its summer
ima have2 apply sunscreen now on weekends as a definate even if i dont think im gonna go out
just so that if i do, i dont get a redchin biggrin.gif