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In Topic: Has Anyone Done Short-Term (6Months) Low-Dose Accutane?

10 May 2014 - 08:34 AM

I can totally relate and am about to start low dose too. I have "mild" acne but my regimen including topical retinoid takes lots of time, effort, and actually doesn't help that much. I just want to live like any other mid 20s person and not think about my skin all the time, or how this or that will affect my skin, etc. and am willing to take the gamble with 20mg/day x 6 months to a year.


I am also a very busy medical student, so I have personal and professional reasons to want clear skin too, to look like a mature serious professional etc. etc.


If you look up the scientific literature on PubMed, you'll see it has recently become very popular to put ppl on 20mg/day for 6 months as a treatment for mild-moderate acne, at least internationally. In the US, the FDA says you shoudln't give Accutane for mild-moderate acne so docs don't do it as much (they still do).


Accutane may indeed have permanent side effects (bone growth abnormalities, permanent dry skin/eyes) but the risk is worth it to some ppl

In Topic: Differin .1% Cream...help

08 May 2014 - 07:16 PM

hey baby11 i had a veyr similar experience. currently on month 6 of adapalene (differin) 0.1% cream, I'm still getting new zits but overall it has smoothened my skin texture out.


it leaves me tons of hyperpigmentation marks because I have a very pale white asian skintone, so it honesestly looks worse than before i started differin because back then i would have the same number of new zits but they were less noticeable on my skin due to more even skin tone. now, they are flat and under  the skin mostly, but they are brown circles on a pale face and really stand out.


i remember having very inconsistent results around months 2-4, then around the end of month 4 my new acne started to decrease slightly, but it has never gone away. the problem and furstration is that our skintone will keep accumulating new hyperpigmentation marks while on differin (because the skin is thinned and made more sensitive), unless the acne is stopped 100%. differin thus far, 6 months in, has failed to stop my acne 100%. all the clinical trials only actually show 39% improvement of acne with the adapalene 0.1% cream, after 12 weeks treatment. ~70% with the 0.1% gel. 


i think the cream j ust takes a longer time to work, but i am not sure I truly believe in it at all. i am going to ask my derm for low dose accutane probably, though I highly doubt he'll give it to me because my acne is quite mild, just leaves a ton of ugly dark spots

In Topic: Thinking Of Starting Accutane For Mild Acne

05 April 2014 - 10:21 PM

Almost no dermatologist in their right mind would give you Accutane for that.

In Topic: Differin 1 Week, Almost Clear - Celebrating Too Early?

05 April 2014 - 10:15 PM

Review of Epiduo

I quit Epiduo after <2wks trial. 1 week of any BP product seems to give me improvement, but by the 2nd week mark, the irritation catches up and causes red, flaky, oily skin, and many new papules.


Review of ~5 months on Adapalene (Differin)

Reduced new acne lesions somewhat, as compared to before treatment. I used to get lots of comedones and a few papules/cysts each week, now it's mostly small mild papules, but they all leave very bad PIH due to how retinoids thin the skin. I have pale sensitive Asian skin.


I'd say ~75% clearance, but I want 100% clearance so my hyperpigmentation can finally heal, or else I'm just adding more marks never-ending. It's like using a bucket to dump water out of a leaking/sinking boat, if you know what I mean.


If you just saw a photo of my face, you'd say my face looks worse now after 5 months of Differin because of all the hyperpigmentation red spots, although my skin texture is slightly better. Not too satisfied with the treatment overall.


Future Directions

So I want stronger clearance than Adapalene 0.1% Cream. I have Epiduo, and Differin 0.3% Gel.

I'm going to try Differin 0.3 for a week (I just have some tiny sample tubes) and see how it goes.

Otherwise, I can try alternating Adapalene 0.1% Cream with Epiduo (same thing + 2.5% BP), like Epiduo every 3rd night, in order to reduce irritation but hopefully still get some benefit from BP.

In Topic: Ib From Switch From Differin To Epiduo?

23 March 2014 - 06:41 PM

Hey CS99 I just did the switch a week and a half ago. So far I've gotten a lot of redness/pain/flaking/dryness and small pink zits that don't come to a head. They pop up in areas that were previously clear.


I wonder if my skin is simply too sensitive for the BP in Epiduo, since I had a similar reaction when I tried a Benzoyl Peroxide wash before with my Differin.


Let me know how it goes for you!