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Most Awkward Acne Moments!

13 December 2014 - 08:35 AM


Someone already created "Meanest thing someone has ever said about your acne."  But I like to be able to laugh and be optimistic through misfortune.  Unfortunately, since I got acne, my life has turned into a super awkward mess.  I would have over 30 awkward moments a week!  That's an awful and traumatizing experience.

BUT, sometimes sharing these moments can help us through the pain.  Might as well get SOME sort of joy from out misfortune.  I'll post 2 of mine. one now, and one later on an edit.  

This one happened AFTER the one I'm going to post on the edit.  It's not as bad as the edit one, though.



First story


So I was back in Atlanta for 2 days, accompaning my mom to see her ex bf who was having surgery to save his life.  I'm in the grocery store, and two of the hottest girls ever are just walking around the store.  They spot me and are checking me out. (I looked super hot from far away)  I go into the freezer isle after they dissapear, hoping they wouldn't find me.  Then suddenly, out of no where, they pop up right in my face!  They get blasted with my face full of cystic acne!  They didn't say shit!  They just stood their, frozen.  I just turned and walked away quickly.  I felt beyond mortified.



The edit isn't here yet.



I have cured my acne naturally after getting a food sensitivity test.  If you wanna know more about my cure, you can see a naturopath, and or research tests for seeing what's wrong with your system.

People With Acne. We're The One Chosen

12 December 2014 - 04:51 AM




WE were chosen to suffer the struggle of acne.  For most of us, it made us more understanding of other people's problems.  It made us less likely to hate others when we don't even know them, their struggle, or why they do what they do.


Yes, it does many great things in the process of the firery hell that rages on our faces.  



Corrupt people ($)


But definetely never give up on your cure.  Just stay optimistic.  Remember, we are also SACRIFICES!  There has been at least one "cure" for acne that's been sitting on the shelf for 10 years waiting to be cleared.  Many doctors and dermatologists are pushing products that can ruin your body even when a lot of them know it will only make it worse and cause you to cough up more cash.


That's not every doctor and dermatoligist.  Many of them actually try to help their patients, and not put them down with rude comments so that they will keep coming back.  Just know that there are a lot of corrupt people trying to make money off of you.




How I cleared my cystic acne (in case you give a #@!$)



I'm done forwarding my "agenda."  I just want to end this by letting you know that after 7 years of cystic acne, I got kicked out of that prison that my family was holding me in, and I was able to clear my skin by getting tests done and finding out that I have food sensitivities!  (and chronic constipation, but that's unrelated)



So, what do you think?

Ignoring the cure and corruption paragraphs (though you can weigh in on that too if you'd like)



Also, I'm not trying to say you have to go natural to cure your acne, I'm just letting you know what helped ME. I know we all have different causes and situations.

I'm also not trying to bash medical professionals.  I'm just saying if they are ever mean to you, you're not in their best intentions.  There really are people out there who just want to make money off of you.

I Got A Food Sensitivity Test, Cystic Almost Cleared But Still Need Help!

01 December 2014 - 04:16 AM

Hey guys, need help! 

If you don't wanna read my messed up story, skip to the bottom questions.


So I got a prick test for food allergies/sensitivities. the doctor was pissed off cuz he said he didn't think food had anything to do with my health issues.  The results came back and I was right.  He was still mean about it.


So the results said i was highly sensitive to soy and a lot of other stuff. It said I was barely sensitive to eggs and not sensitive at all to oats. I ate eggs and oats only for weeks and my acne almost completely cleared! I have cystic acne, but it was moderate at the time because I was already cutting out soy since I knew I reacted to it before the test.


I go back in for a blood test so i could test more food. i don't wanna keep eating eggs and oats!  they decided to test for mostly the same stuff as before (complete jerks) and i noticed it before i turned it in to the blood lab. i changed some of the requested items. i didnt think it was a big deal. anyway they got pissed and i think they botched the results.


they came back saying NOTHING was reactive. The doctor then wrote next to Oats that it was reactive, but not significantly, which makes NO sense at all because that's one of the only foods I ate to clear my skin!





sorry for long story. my 2 questions:

1. is an allergy blood test different from a SENSITIVITY blood test? I think that may be a reason, too.


2. i know i'm sensitive to:




String Green Beans

Lima Beans

Green English Peas









I'm Barely sensitive to:

Eggs (white and yolk)







Walnut, Black Food (wtf? black walnut?)

Green Pepper


White Potato


And I'm Not sensitive to:



Whole Wheat

Poppy Seed





Brazil Nut

Cashew Nut

Kidney-Pinto Beans




Now I don't have perfect acess to good fruits because of my cold location.

Most of the fruit is already rotting.  Also, I'm a veggetarian!



Can any of you tell me what YOU eat even if it's not on the list? I need some good meal ideas. Appreciated if you can!




Wtf? my profile views shot up 210 in a day!


Aww, fuck it!  I got it guys. Thanks, though.  You have any questions, feel free to ask.