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World's Worst Everyday Acne Inducing Products

18 April 2015 - 09:48 PM

I was reading researching some of the most murderous, hideous, and horrible things big companies have been doing to protect their money.  I just had to create this topic.  Feel free to add anything you like.



Disclaimer:  I'm not telling you to avoid these products altogether.  I do, however, encourage you to change brands if you see a brand is corrupt that you use.

Changes to the posts will be assisted by dates.




Growing up in Atlanta, my diet was awful.  A year and a half before my acne appeared, I drank 2-6 coca colas everyday for 6 months straight.  I have suspected this to be a huge step in my road to cystic acne.



Coca Cola has workers in Columbia.  They violate their rights, and literally kill anyone who tries to organize anything to get them back.  Every candidate chosen by the people to lead has been killed to date.


Coca Cola also puts phosphoric acid in their cokes, and that causes damage to the stomach and intestinal lining.  The phosphorous acid also upsets the balance of alkaline-acid in the kidneys, and dissolves bones.  While drinking it, my bones felt creaky and terrible, and it often burned very badly when I peed.  It was painful enough to the point where I almost cried.   So, you can see why Coca Cola was a huge step in the development of my, and many other's cystic acne.   


Coca Cola not only took a lot from its consumers, but it also takes the lives of their workers and consumers.  And the workers that aren't dead are suffering.


Will come complete with pictures soon, guys.


New Cheese Good For Acne From Heidi Ho?

12 April 2015 - 11:46 PM

This new cheese I saw on Shark Tank called Heidi Ho Cheese (Organic).  This is very special cheese.  It actually tastes super good (just watch the episode, they couldn't stop eating it), and it's vegan, which means dairy free!  This is special because usually vegan cheese tastes like crap from what I've heard.


They have multiple flavors, too:

Creamy Chia Cheese;  Spicy! Chia Cheese;  Smoky Chia Cheese;  Ne Chèvre - Pure;  Ne Chèvre - Black Lava;  Ne Chèvre - Blueberry

Go to the link below and you can look at all the flavors


Based on the ingredients, it looks like the first three are safest for me to try, though I may eventually try them all.   In the meantime, I was hoping someone could give insight on it for these fellow acne sufferers, or even do a trial yourselves and let everyone know how it goes.



Put in your zip and you got it!

3 Foods Journey

08 March 2015 - 05:20 PM

Changed "The Truth" to a journey, since I'm discontinuing it.

Basically, I had cystic acne, but finally cleared my skin by eating only eggs and oatmeal for like 2 weeks after getting results back from a skin prick test. Here are those results:



Now, these results weren't very accurate and didn't test for enough foods. But oats and carrots and wheat were spot on.

Mediator Release Test
Now, I didn't get it yet! I'm saving money so I can order it from Florida for $495 U.S. I have, however, found foods I don't react to. And the rules for the MRT test state and avoidance of bad foods for 3 months eliminates the moderate level intolerance foods, and 6 months eliminates the majorly reactive foods.

There are some topics about the mediator release test on acne.org. Just search it if you want to.

3 months: moderate food intolerances should disappear
6 months: Major food intolerances should disappear

Before Mediator Release Test diet
March 31, 2015
April 1, 2015
day 1:
I am eating only wheat, carrots, oats, and apples. (Water is the drink)

Have small cystic acne on temples that I think I got from cabbage.  Waiting for that to clear so I will be mostly clear.  I also have a stupid bump/scar on my nose that started out as a cyst in August 2014, but has been this bump/scar since December 2014.  If anyone knows anything about nose scars/bumps, please share.

day 2:
Ate my last apple in the fridge today.  Got a beginner pimple on my left cheek near my eye.  Apples are known to cause acne on my cheeks, but usually nothing too serious.  I'm debating kicking apples out, now.  Might try a replacement...

day 3:
Taking out Apples.  When I woke up, the pimple from that apple had deflated.  But a scab came off near my mouth, so now I have a medium sized pink pigmentation near my mouth (I know, fuckin disgusting).  Might have work monday, and don't wanna see my family on easter, anyway, so it might look better by then.
My temple acne is almost gone on both sides.  Just one scab on each side.  Hopefully those won't give me any grief next week.
Wheat, Carrots, and Oats only for right now.


day 4:

Woke up, pooped, and saw pellets.  I've been suffering from chronic constipation, but eating better has made my poops better.  Well, since switching to this 3 food diet, my poop has come out in pellets which is a sign of constipation.  This definitely isn't good for me, but it's clearing my skin so I'll hold out until I get this test.  I think if I eat more oats, my poop will be better.


Try to fix this with ctr+shit+8!


day 5:

Feeling like my instestines are getting scraped to shreds.  TreatAcne put a link in her comment on here where I found out grains have defensive chemicals that cause holes in the intestines.  I am realizing that this diet may be more detrimental to my goal than I thought. 

I've sheilded myself in my room because of these scars.  This caused me to over eat, which is bad.  I'mma replace some meals by snacking on carrots and homemade carrot sauce.  Thanks TreatAcne and alternitivista.  -

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What Acne.org Has Done For All Of Us?

15 January 2015 - 10:54 PM

I'm a Vet! (2400 users online)


This will be my last topic for a long time.  I only do topics if I feel necessary, but I'ma chill on that stuff for now.


So, I'm not trying to kiss acne.org's or ass or anything, but I was surprised to see no one created a topic like this before.  Acne.org has done so much for me and others over the years.  Two people even met and got married on it!  So I just wanted to create this out of appreciation, and for everyone to share their stories on how this website changed their lives.  For me, it helped me on my path to clear my acne. 


Short summary of my experience:

Got acne at 11, turned cystic at 12, started using acne.org at 16 when I got tired of acne ruining my experiences.

I thought masturbation caused my acne when I was 16.  I came on here and saw the 100 day abstinance from masturbation challenge (which was hell) and failed miserably all the way through age 17.  At 18, I saw a post on here about vitamin D supplements.  Around that time, I figured I should heal from the inside and figure out what is wrong with my body for me to have acne.  I fell in love with someone, which helped me to stop masturbating.  I didn't even realize it until I realized I went 2 weeks without doing it.  So I studied food allergies and saw a naturopath.  I got a food sensitivity test and since then, I've been clear when not cheating on my boring shitty diet. 

I'm also a veggetarian since May 23 or 24.  I know it's unrelated.  Whatever.

Acne.org Won't Work On Phones Or Smaller Screens

11 January 2015 - 12:10 AM

So, Acne.org's profile pictures and original layout won't show up on smaller tablet resolutions or phone screens. This sucks because the profile pictures and layout are a huge part of the experience for me. I usually wait until I can go to the library to get on because of this, which is probably a good thing because I overdose on Acne.org, but it still sucks not to be able to experience this on my phone or tablet when it's long ways instead of widescreen.


Yes, we can still access the website from our phones, but that's without seeing the profile pictures and convient layout. I can see the original layout and profile pictures on my tablet, too, but that's only if it's in the widescreen position. If the screen is long ways, it dissapears. I realize this may sound nitpicky, but it realm makes a world of difference for me and I'm sure for many others, too. I appreciate everything this website has offered us, and would be willing to help make enhancements anyway I can if we can make this possible.



I'm forreal. Hit me up if theres anything I can do. Thanks!