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What Acne.org Has Done For All Of Us?

15 January 2015 - 10:54 PM

I'm a Vet! (2400 users online)


This will be my last topic for a long time.  I only do topics if I feel necessary, but I'ma chill on that stuff for now.


So, I'm not trying to kiss acne.org's or ass or anything, but I was surprised to see no one created a topic like this before.  Acne.org has done so much for me and others over the years.  Two people even met and got married on it!  So I just wanted to create this out of appreciation, and for everyone to share their stories on how this website changed their lives.  For me, it helped me on my path to clear my acne. 


Short summary of my experience:

Got acne at 11, turned cystic at 12, started using acne.org at 16 when I got tired of acne ruining my experiences.

I thought masturbation caused my acne when I was 16.  I came on here and saw the 100 day abstinance from masturbation challenge (which was hell) and failed miserably all the way through age 17.  At 18, I saw a post on here about vitamin D supplements.  Around that time, I figured I should heal from the inside and figure out what is wrong with my body for me to have acne.  I fell in love with someone, which helped me to stop masturbating.  I didn't even realize it until I realized I went 2 weeks without doing it.  So I studied food allergies and saw a naturopath.  I got a food sensitivity test and since then, I've been clear when not cheating on my boring shitty diet. 

I'm also a veggetarian since May 23 or 24.  I know it's unrelated.  Whatever.

Acne.org Won't Work On Phones Or Smaller Screens

11 January 2015 - 12:10 AM

So, Acne.org's profile pictures and original layout won't show up on smaller tablet resolutions or phone screens. This sucks because the profile pictures and layout are a huge part of the experience for me. I usually wait until I can go to the library to get on because of this, which is probably a good thing because I overdose on Acne.org, but it still sucks not to be able to experience this on my phone or tablet when it's long ways instead of widescreen.


Yes, we can still access the website from our phones, but that's without seeing the profile pictures and convient layout. I can see the original layout and profile pictures on my tablet, too, but that's only if it's in the widescreen position. If the screen is long ways, it dissapears. I realize this may sound nitpicky, but it realm makes a world of difference for me and I'm sure for many others, too. I appreciate everything this website has offered us, and would be willing to help make enhancements anyway I can if we can make this possible.



I'm forreal. Hit me up if theres anything I can do. Thanks!

Our Food Kills

09 January 2015 - 03:25 PM

This section is for news and information on harmful food products that may be ruining our bodies and causing our acne and bad health.




Huey was right.  High fructose corn syrup can kill.  It contains mercury which is extremely dangerous.  Companies realized they were cornered recently, so they changed the name of the ingredient to just "fructose."  Just FYI to everyone out there to look out.


I stopped eating EVERYTHING that wasn't organic, or that I couldn't read the ingredients on.  I was still breaking out when I realized the baking soda I used contained corn.  It didn't state it on the label.  Those sneaky bastards.

Acne Caused By Chronic Constipation

08 January 2015 - 11:43 PM

hey!  (typing on broken tablet, will fix post later)

so i was thinking about how my body only want to accept foods high in fiber, according to my sensitivity test results (fiber helps you shit more efficiently).  then i remember a visit to the doctor here i found out i had chronic constipation.  basically i had shit laying around my body for years.  this made sens

Naturopathic Acne Journey

07 January 2015 - 04:32 PM

So when I was 16, I decided to find the root cause of my acne.  I was convinced it was masturbation within my first two weeks of self testing.  So all the way up until I was almost 18, I was tormenting myself trying not to masturbate.  I broke down and masturbated a lot.

When I was 18, I researched, and remembered my severely unhealthy diet I had when I was little.  Then I remembered how acne came when I was 11.  It turned cystic when I was 12 and started masturbating, which is what threw me off at first.  I realized it was probably food.  I went Veggetarian for the animals, not related to the acne.  Then I went to a naturopath which I couldn't pay because I was broke af.


Then, 6 months later, after so many doctors fucked me over, I finally got a prick test done for food sensitivities.  The jerk doctor was all mad.  He was all like "There is no way you have food allergies!  This is just a waste of time!  graa graa graa!!!"  I gave them my insurance, and didn't pay the bill that I thought they were gonna cover.  Here are my results:


i'm sensitive to:




String Green Beans

Lima Beans

Green English Peas









I'm Barely sensitive to:

Eggs (white and yolk)







Walnut, Black Food (wtf? black walnut?)

Green Pepper


White Potato


And I'm Not sensitive to:



Whole Wheat

Poppy Seed





Brazil Nut

Cashew Nut

Kidney-Pinto Beans




The doctor was pissed off that he was wrong, and didn't even apologiez for spazzing out just because I asked for a test.   He meanly jerked my arm to record the results of the test.  He was just like "I just can't believe you proved me wrong."  Then I found out he set me up with a dermatologist without even asking my permission.  Another bill I can't pay!


I went, and the derm said there was nothing he could do.  He didn't even try to offer me medication because he could tell I knew what I was talking about.  The derm was very nice, though, compared to the doctor.  And at least he listened to what I was saying before getting pissed off.


Avoiding Jail Time

I have about $2,000 in unpaid doctor's bills.  Maybe more.  This is because of all the doctors who fucked me over.  I'd go to an office, ask for a test, they add all these other stupid fuckin tests, take my blood, and do more stupid fuckin tests, and then a month later mail me a fuckin letter when I asked them to call me, and the letter just says "everything's fine."


Then I went another doctor's office.  I came in, sat down, and they gave me a number to the asthma and allergy place and I left.  I got a $300 bill from them.


Then I went to the Asthma and Allergy place to meet that Jerk doctor.  After I got those results back, I went back for more testing.  I saw a different doctor, in the same office, who does the same thing, and he acted a total ass, too!  He got pissed off when I suggested I get tested for "Sweet potatoes", and a few other things.  Instead, he's like "Shut up!  I know what's best for you to be tested for!"  Ok, he didn't say shut up, but he did spazz out!  So I backed off. 


I go to the children's hospital to get tested, and I saw he was mostly testing for things I was already tested for!  So I changed a few things (I'm a teenager, I don't know how this shit works) thinking it wasn't a big deal.  I give it to the people, and their pissed!  "What kinda doctor messes up a request like this!  All these squiggly lines!  This is bullshit!"  I just backed off, and played a long.  "Uhh, yeah.  I dunno why someone would ever do that..."


I didn't think they would actually call the office and order a new one!  When they found out it was really me, my heart dropped to my asshole.  When I went to the room to get my blood drawn, I thought the lady was gonna stab the shit out of me!  She gave me this death stare.  Luckily, some other lady walked by her with the needle.  That day, I learned my left arm hurts like hell compared to a needle in my right...


Apparently I just have to show up to court if I want to avoid jail time for not being able to pay.  They aren't supposed to send you to jail for stuff like this, but they can make it happen if they really want to.  Your best defense is to go to court if you can't pay.  Or call the office about paying it off monthly to avoid court alltogether. 


So anyway, I ate the stuff I'm not reactive to, and my cystic acne went to clear.  I eat organic veggetarian fed eggs, which doesn't affect me to bad as long as I don't eat too much of them.  I only use them to make the wheat bread.


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