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Stopping Our Body From Producing Acne

09 July 2015 - 09:08 PM

Why do we get acne from certain conditions, but other people with the same issues don't?

My acne was caused by digestive issues, but a lot of people have digestive issues who don't have acne as a side effect.  I understand my acne clears as I eat to heal my gut, but why do I get acne with bad gut health and bad foods, when my mom doesn't?  And no one else in my family does?  Why do some people have acne in their teens, but it suddenly disapears in their 20's?  Why did the underlying condition no longer cause acne to form?  For some people it starts in their 20's, after puberty and when their hormones should have stabilized.

I'm going to gather information about how acne is formed.  Then maybe we can put something together here.  Then say for example if someone has a leaky gut, that takes time to heal.  Maybe they can tackle the acne first, so that they can then react with hives, bloating, and cramping instead of acne.

So yeah.  Wish me luck and feel free to share anything you'd like, too

Okay, I said I was going to do research on this, but its really late.  I'ma probably start on it tomorrow or next week cause I got a busy schedule.  But I'm gonna post real soon because this is something I'm real passinate about so

Burning Nose Bump Scar W/ Pictures!

02 July 2015 - 12:38 PM

Basically, I'm burnīng it off with sōme acid.


If I do bandaids, they only last up to 1 day on the wound.

I used Heinz Distilled white vinegar, n like a total of 9 or so q-tips.  I dipped one end of one in, and soaked the scar repeatedly for a couple of minutes.  Then I started wetting it with one end, then rubbing it in with the other end repeatedly for what might have been 10-15 minutes or so.   I'd rub it with the wet end a bit, as well.  Not certain which side is best. That's it!  I was nervous the whole time cuz I thought it was going to start stinging real bad any second, but I didn't get that deep so it didn't sting too bad.  It almost started bleeding, but not really.  Can't wait to get back in it on day 2.  

Soak it up
Wet it down
Rub it in with the wet end 
let it burrrrn

Foods That Mess Me Up

24 June 2015 - 06:05 PM

Canned Peaches and Pears        Probably causes temple acne
Poptarts   ---                Might cause temple acne.  Still watching...
Grapes   ---              Cause ugly pimples along line of cheek that goes into front center
Solid - unmelted Cheese   ---                bubbling forehead acne    
melted, melty, gooey cheese   ---       the more melted, the less the affect.  Usually nothing noticable    
Too much wheat     ---                       Constipation, and potential cysts usually first in the temple area, but has spread to forehead and near-chin areas
Cow Milk   ---                            hideous front of cheek acne often near nose or on line of nose
Almond Milk (with cereal) ---        With cereal, causes ugly acne and zits on outer forehead area
Eggo Buttermilk Waffles --- Painful cystic acne on upper lip and mustache area
Quinoa   ---             Suspected of forehead inflammation
Cookies with Milk   ---     Caused huge ugly cyst on cheek that lasted a long time. 
Butter   ---              Causes awful, ugly acne in a few places.  Most recent was between forehead and temple just outside of hairline, so ugly to look at!
Cornbread --- Odd inflamed forehead areas that look like bug bites
Corn Tortillas (Hard)   ---   Suspected ugly right side of mid-chin acne
Greasy - over seasoned fries (wit ketchup n cheese)  ---   inflammed mosquito bite lookin cheek pimple

Foods that are good to me

Pinto, Black, Kidney beans
Oats (as sauce only)
Sweet Potatoes
Green Lentils

Garbanzo Beans?
Chili Beans?
Onion (small amounts)  ?

Oats (small amounts)

Peanut Butter + Sugar free jam + Sara Lee honey wheat bread (a favorite)
blackberry my fav jam


Spices:  Careful as they cause inflammation.

Gotta Watch:
Onions should be cooked thoroughly.  The more cooked onions are, the less stress they cause on digestive system.

Despite eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches, since ditching the butter and cheese bean tacos, my fungus has been dying off.  (first day results, after sleeping shirt off)

I'm Vegan! Yaaaay :)

09 May 2015 - 06:40 PM

I realize there's a bunch of weird stuff on here, but most of my previous frustration with diet stemmed from cravings that were caused by the poor quality of air in my room.  Glad I made it out that.

I realize I have food sensitivities, but I should still incorporate these low reactive foods into my diet in order for me to heal.  I should just concentrate more on avoiding the bad foods and gaining data on healthy foods.

Next I'll work in some probiotics and whatever else in my big meals

Lucas89, This was what I've been getting at!

Too many toxins,   Thyroid not functioning,  food intolerances ~~~ Leaky Gut?,  Candida overgrowth

My cheat log is for my LEAKY GUT, not my veganism!  I love being vegan/vegetarian cuz I can eat cookies, poptarts, pizza, burgers, all that, but nothing that's bad for my gut.

Urge to Cheat Check list:
uncomfortable seating
Room needs new air
Room too hot or humid

I know I'm not the first one to think of this, but what if the second amendment was proposed or supported to help ensure that the United States would not easily fall in time of war?  Whatever.  nevermind.  

I was just saying, the United States is a business, while the United States of America is our home and the country we live in.  I mean this literally.  Look it ==========

I don't just hold shit in here I'm not supposed to eat.  I binge until I wanna throw up and then throw it all away.  Good bye oatmeal cookies and 2 boxes of poptarts.l

Isn't fucked up but good at the sa,e time that the one snack I got to help keeo myself from cheating gave me a big awful ugly cyst that lasted 2 weeks, but all this food I've been cheating on has barely done a thing?  Well, yogurt, here I come!

5 Guys
Cow's Milk
Too much Wheat
- Pie Crust  (Whole Wheat)
- Pasta Noodles  (100% wheat)

5 Guys:  2 Veggie Burgers made my face super oily with bad inflammation and breakout on left side of face

Cow Milk:  Gives me hideous cysts on front cheek area, often alongside of nose (all ugly)  Very hard to get rid of 

Too much Wheat:  2 entire Wheat pie crusts in two days gave me a cyst in left temple area;  A bunch of 100% wheat pasta caused cystic inflammation in various areas  (also came with 2-3 days of constipation)

Poptarts:  Seem to digest well.  I've been eating an entire box a day for 2 days, and a couple days before this, with no noticeable reaction.

Keebler Elf Fudge Stripe Cookies:  I felt them tearing my gut up.  I'm sure they could do some damage if enough are eaten, but  I hadn't noticed any significant damage after downing a package.

I've been constipated for 2 (possibly 3) days!  I ate the second pie in a row the day before yesterday.  Clearly too much wheat is a terrible terrible thing.  This cyst better be gone tomorrow.  I've got important things to do. :evil:  

Cheat Log
May 24, 11:36 pm
My roommates poptart looked so good sitting in the refridgerator 2 days ago.  I can't by the fruit and cinnamon I want until tomorrow when the food co-op opens.  I don't even really have that big a taste for the poptarts.  I really want that hot fruit cinnamon pie I was thinking about making.  Oh, well.  Might as well have some fun on my last night of cheating.

May 24, 11:46 pm
Craving for poptarts.  CVS didn't have the kind I wanted.  Had to bike to Walgreens before it closed at 12:00...
Got to Walgreens.  Found the poptarts, yes!  ... Looked over at the milk.  They had almond milk, but I didn't really want the whole jug.  Just want to dip the poptarts and try it out.  Walk towards the counter.  Wait!  They might have a smaller bottle in there!  Too late.  They'll think I'm stealing, and I'm too much of a pussy to face the anxiety of that.  damn.
Wait!  There's a CVS right down the street!  If I hurry and bike there, I can still get there before 12:00!  Yes!  Just in time.  They got milk, but aww!  The only small bottles they have left is vanilla flavored milk.  :(  Fine.  I guess it will have to do.  hmm.  Might as well get a mini $1.00 thing of Lucky Charms So I don't waste any of the milk.  "The store is now closed.  Please bring all items to the checkout."  Oh, they don't have it...  Yes they do!  It's over here by the $1.00 things of cookies!  Ooooo!  They got Keebler elf fudge stripe cookies... mmm...  Naw.  I'm not having any of that tonight.  I don't even have a taste for it.  Walked to the self check out.  Start checking things out.  Damn it, I want those cookies!  It's too late now.  The employees are right here and they will be pissed.
Hop on my bike and ride home thinking about those cookies.  I don't even have a taste for this damn cereal anymore, and barely have a taste for these dry ass poptarts.  Man!  Oh, well.  I don't need to be eating that anyway.  Get home.  Opens poptarts, munching away.  Man, these aren't getting me nearly as high as I thought they would.  They're not potent at all.  Sips milk.  Eww!  Vanilla is overpowering.  Guess I'll take a bit of my roommate's milk for the cereal.  Oh, that's right.  Cow's milk gives me nasty cysts on the front of my cheeks!  Damn.  Well my roommate's will just have to do.  Man, I can't enjoy this cereal.  The risk outweighs the pleasure.  Oh well, I'd better hurry n finish so I can knock it out of the way.  Ahh.  That was Okay.  Not as good as I expected, though.  Back to the poptarts.  Man, these are not getting me high at all.  The blueberries got me higher than this.  Spits out the last of the poptarts after chewing.

May 25, 2:36 am
I'm gonna go eat some blueberries now.

Cheating is okay
What works best for me is to confront the food, take it in, and say "no."  "No.  I'm not gonna eat you."  Anything.  "I don't need you.  Yeah you look good, but you aren't always as good as you look.  And I don't need you, anyway. " "Yeah it's hard, but hey, it's not supposed to be easy."
Then when I walk away, I feel so much better.

Know what foods get you the worst.
I know that a single Lunds doughnut can give me a cyst near my ear that will last a month and a half.
I know cow's milk gives me ugly cysts on the front of my cheeks that are hard to get rid of.

I know eating a full pound cake from Lunds barely causes any acne. 
I know a whole 13 ct pack of cookies don't do too much damage at all.

Cheat log
May 25, 6:25pm
I just got finished eating 75% of a homemade peach cobler.  It was very good, and I didn't eat the whole thing in one sitting for once!                Drake:  "I'm so- I'm so- I'm so- I'm so- I'm so proud of you."  Remember that craving for the Keebler elf fudge stripe cookies?  Well I passed them at the store, and the big pack was on sale for $1.99.  Damn.  Well I just finished eating them, and let me say they didn't have shit on the peach cobbler.  Dipping them my roommate's milk didn't even help.  I guess they were $1.99 because they were about to go bad?  Aww well.  Throwing the rest away.  Probably just going to stick to healthy homemade fruit tuff from now on.

Also saw at the food co-op a jumbo pack of organic blueberries for $5.99!  Awesome!  It looks almost 3X the size of the smaller $3.99 container, but I'll check the measurements later.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sweet Potato Fries
Falafel patties
Kidney - Pinto Beans and Carrot Sauce
Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Kidney - Pinto Beans
Kidney n Pinto Beans

Sweet Potato Fries
Blueberry Oatmeal

5 Guys

Today I ate two veggie sandwiches 5 Guys.  Super good, but they're a no go.  Experienced oily skin and large inflamed acne on lower cheek.  Going to my local vegan organization for meal tips... eventually...

Uuuhh, I didn't realize this was getting so many frickin views.  So lemme tell you about myself!

I first started getting acne when I was 11.  When I was 12, my acne turned cystic.  When I was 16, I finally got tired of it and decided to focus all of my energy on getting rid of it!  On May 4, 2014, I creeply asked this girl I was in love with - out.  I wasn't in her state at the time, so I couldn't ask her out in person.  She was a vegetarian, and I was already concerned with other species, so that pushed me to become a vegetarian. 

In 2015, I'm finally mostly clear.  Turns out, my shit diet as a kid caused leaky gut, so I had to change my diet to heal my gut, thus curing my acne.  I still get acne if I eat shit foods, especially foods that make me constipated (I've got a cyst now).  But it's rare, and the more I heal, the less it will happen.

But there's still ONE HUGE PROBLEM!  This stupid nose bump scar!  Imagine finally clearing your horrible cystic acne, just to have a stupid scar n your nose that looks like an embarrassing pimple.  It sucks!  wtf man?  If anyone at all has any information or help to give to get rid of gosh darn thing, it would be much appreciated.

if y'all wanna know.
clocked 2:51 am
I had to letcha know
Shut up!  Shut up!  Shut up!  that was stupid.  
this was so tacky.  I ruined it!  soiled it  soiled it   soiled it  soiled it!

Nose Bump Scar Cures & Treatments

29 April 2015 - 01:40 AM

My nose bump is not painful, and soft to the touch.  It formed after a cyst was there.  It's been here for 8 months total, and 5 months without me damaging it.  There was another one last year that disappeared after 4-6 months on its own. 

I looked up pictures of nose keloids.  I don't reccomend, because they're disgusting and look nothing like ours.  So I guess we should go our own route on this.  If any of you see specialists, please post what they said it was.  I've heard of doctors coming up with different answers, so it probably isn't documented..


So here's some solutions that I've found:

Home Remedies
Rubbing Alcohol (CAUTION)
Tea Tree Oil
Witch Hazel

Things Doc can do
Various laser treatments

"Homemade" methods (Caution):
Burning with sun and magnifying glass
Burning with lighter and copper wire

Found some additional info here:  www.topix.com/forum/med/dermatology/TTBJJI77TIU3JDRIF/p4

make sure to copy the entire URL, guys.  If you don't copy paste it, then it won't take you directly to the page with the nose bump solutions.

She used aspirin with water.  I don't trust the industry, but hey, use at your own risk.