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Yesterday, 11:35 PM

Welcome to our world.

I remember I was so... I did all the sports, swimming, basketball, cub scouts, pewee soccer, all that.  I loved to fight.  When there were no kids to fight, I fought other kids' bullies.  I was happy and shy, and all the kids at school didn't like me cuz I wasn't popular, and at daycare because I was too violent.  I became a pacifist in the 6th grade, and I had friends that were cool.  I was even planning to ask a girl out for the first time.  But then cystic acne came with a new school and all the confidence is out the window. 

If people made negative comments about it, I was just ignore it and turn to stone.  No one picked on me because they got absolutely no response.  They got no response because I agreed with them.  This shit was disgusting and hated it.  I still made friends, but I moved every year and made less friends every move.  Acne made it much worse.

I was semi forced into football in 9th grade.  I remember thinking about how much better my acne looked until one of my "teammates" said "man!  If my face looked like yours, I wouldn't leave the house without a bag on my face!"   And I had my helmet on.  And he was like 7-10 feet away.  

I'll be honest, acne isn't the only thing that shot my confidence down.  There was some other fucked up shit going on, too.  But I feel acne is definitely in my top 3 worst struggles (next to abuse and mental illness), because there are a lot of things that could have been better without it.  I also realize I probably don't look like too great a person based off the first paragraph.  :shrug:

I really didn't want to get this deep into it.  But I spent time writing this up using a tablet, so I don't want to delete it.  I'm just really tired, and its passed my bedtime, so its probably really weird.  I'll edit it later if I feel like it. 

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Yesterday, 07:53 PM

still no one with a nose bump scar?

In Topic: What's My Acne Cause? Suggestions?

04 July 2015 - 11:36 PM

Find out what's wrong with your body. ditch the medications. my suggestion.

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04 July 2015 - 11:03 PM

https://www.navs-onl...odsensitive.php For Leaky Gut people

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03 July 2015 - 01:38 PM


@melloman how did you use the witch hazel? like did you hold it on for a long time? and is your bump like mine? note my doesn't hurt or feel like anything. i can push it down without pain.


Yes my bump is painless.  Which means these are scars.  My which hazel is in a bottle with a cap.  I open the cap and let it drip on a q-tip until its moist and almost dripping.  I then spread it on and around the nose bump scar.  And let it dry.

Here's some more treatments.  http://www.acne.org/...s/#entry3479337

If you decide to do witch hazel, it could take 3 months to see good results.