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In Topic: Should I See A Doctor?

Yesterday, 01:32 AM

I suggest staying natural and figuring out what may be causing it. 

It looks like it could definitely get worse. 

In Topic: An Online Program Designed To Help Women With Their Adult Acne?

Yesterday, 01:01 AM

Arguments aside, it's sad to see that society has fought so hard against segregation yet that is what is being pushed here. I'm happy that the owner of this site wasn't so selfish to make it a site only for white people because he is white. But it's sad to see some people are going the sexist route and trying to push help for only their specific gender.

I see what you're saying, Lucas.  But in situations like this, it's called for.  Girls are affected way worse appearance wise than boys are.  It matters more because of sexism and prejudices.  Just like the NAACP was badly needed when it was first born.  It stood behind the victims of horrible brutal situations like rapes, killings, false indictments, college education, etc.

Girls have only recently gotten a decent amount of rights in the U.S. and the U.S. is a leader in women's rights around the world, and we still have too many issues with sexism and domestic violence, killings, and rapes here.  So a lot of the other nations are a living hell for women.  Like India, a lot of African countries, Thailand, etc.

In Topic: Cleared Acne Just For 2 Weeks

Yesterday, 12:45 AM

Interesting that you found broccoli to be very effective.  Sweet Potatoes and Carrots have been the best foods for me. 
I'll look into trying some broccoli.

In Topic: The Science Behind Stopping Acne With Nofap

Yesterday, 12:42 AM

For the record,I used to think masturbation caused my acne.  It cleared after a month of no masturbation.  I realized later that this pilled called doxycycline was most likely the reason.  It cleared the acne at the expense of my body depending heavily on abstinence from masturbation.  I feel the nutrients involved with the heavy production of sperm have to do with it.

Long story short, I feel it's super rare that masturbation is a main cause of acne.  Even if it's just a component of acne production, you should still be able to masturbate and not get acne if you are healthy and healed. 

In Topic: Acne Scars African-American Teen

30 July 2015 - 04:00 PM

There is no picture.