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Today, 01:46 PM

@ Havoc


Well I'm definetely not going the paleo route.  But that's mainly because these sensitivity test results have been clearing me up.  Nice to see people doing their research, though.

In Topic: Should People With Acne Reproduce?

Yesterday, 02:22 PM


sigh. *eye roll* guys. Seriously. Acne sucks, absolutely not going to discredit that, but seriously?!? There are things that suck more. Things like cancer, congenital heart defects, car accidents, paralysis, ALS, etc. etc. Things that actually compromise and limit motility and your physical ability to engage the world. There are also people who stick out a lot more than someone with acne on their face (which is something like 50% of adult women?!).  Imagine someone who has dwarfism -- he/she wouldn't fit into normal beauty ideals either. Are you saying dwarves shouldn't reproduce either?!? Let me just say that attraction is far more complex than looks (at least that's what I feel as a woman). Do some people have an easier time attracting the attention of the opposite sex? Absolutely.  But to suggest...this is just the most inane thing I've ever heard. Seriously, whoever suggested this...Please. Please please please. Stop defining your self worth by your appearance. Try growing as a person and appreciating the beauty of your life, of all that you can do and enjoy. If people aren't attracted to you, I can tell you that it's probably not because of acne. Try being happier, more optimistic, confident. You'll see how much that changes things. Acne is NOT the end all, be all although that's tempting to think in a society that places so much worth on looks. I've had crushes on and been in love with guys with sever acne scarring/severe acne on their face and body. You are the only one that really notices it more than marginally in the grand scheme of things. There are other aspects of your appearance and your personality that contribute to your "attractiveness" and acne is a drop in the bucket. If it's more than that for someone, you probably don't want to be dating them.  


Yeah, acne isn't the end of the world, but there are many people with mosterous acne.  I only had severe cystic acne, and that was enough to make me miss out on so much in life.  I know it was my decision not to try to enjoy those things, but people still felt grossed out and horrified to see the shit lurking on my face.


And some people even had it worse than me!  The people almost comparable to burn victims.  People who actually cause silence and waves throughout an entire room.  Acne can really make a serious impact on people.  And make them miss out on life.  It's like they're not even living.  Being optimistic is very important.  It saved me a lot of grief.  Even played a role in solving my problem.  But let's not forget how serious this stuff can be for people.

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Yesterday, 02:16 PM


This whole "experiment" is really dumb and ignorant for a number of reasons. Restraining from masturbation and reducing acne has NO scientific correlations what so ever, in fact there are tons of studdies proven that testosterone levels actually INCREASE after a week from abstaining masturbation , if anything your acne might even get worse from not masturbating. Also the people who says " well my first came when i began to masturbate so that must be the reason" well guess what,  when you hit puberty you start to masturbate, and when you hit puberty acne shows.


I agree, however I think there may be some people who has acne that masturbation plays a role in.  When people masturbate, the body reacts in a major way.  The semen contains a lot of vital nutrients that the body loses in the battle against acne.  And whatever people with vaginas will lose .  


Masturbation most likely isn't the root cause, but it may affect some people's acne.  Don't spend all your time on avoiding masturbating.  Because it may not solve the problem.  Get tested and all that, then find out the root cause.  See a naturopath or something.

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18 December 2014 - 07:20 PM

Try a Naturopath.  And a good one.  They actually care.  If you can find one that has treated acne patients, that's the best.  My acne is almost cleared thanks to mine.


Derms can often be worse than doctors.  Some derms are good, but most will just give you BS to ruin your system.  Unless you can actually find a natural derm.

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18 December 2014 - 07:13 PM

Guys, you should get a food sensitivity test.  It's not easy to tell what foods you react to without some good testing.  There's ways to test yourself, too. 


Here are my results from a (sensitivity) prick test:


2. i know i'm sensitive to:




String Green Beans

Lima Beans

Green English Peas









I'm Barely sensitive to:

Eggs (white and yolk)







Walnut, Black Food (wtf? black walnut?)

Green Pepper


White Potato


And I'm Not sensitive to:



Whole Wheat

Poppy Seed





Brazil Nut

Cashew Nut

Kidney-Pinto Beans




Now I also took a blood test for food Allergies.  It came back with no results.  Just do your research and find out if you wanna test for: Food Allergies, Food Sensitivities, Food Intolerance, Leaky Gut, Gut Health, Digestive Health.

Do your research, and get tested if you want to. 


Otherwise, check this post out if you wanna just test yourself: http://www.acne.org/...s/#entry3464134

Actually...  Just check that User Arul's profile.  She/He posted something about feeling affects of bad foods 2-6 hours after eating.  That you would feel bloating and some other stuff.  It's in her posts section.