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In Topic: Bump On Nose ((Sebaceous Cyst / Scar)

Yesterday, 06:07 PM

Hi. What about depressed nose scars?

Have you heard of subcision?  You can try that with dermarolling afterwards.  But nose skin is very sensitive, so you have to be cautious because anything you do can cause permanent damage appearance wise.

In Topic: Help! Acne Out Of No Where Small Bumps

27 May 2015 - 11:08 PM

It could be hormonal acne like girlanachronism said, or it could be an underlying condition like leaky gut for example.  Since you had acne since age 13, maybe giving birth put too much stress on your body leaving it less able to handle the issues.  You should heal from the inside and figure out what's going on in there. 

In Topic: I'm Vegan! Yaaaay :)

27 May 2015 - 07:37 PM

So I ate two peach pies with pie crusts the last 2 days, and I have a cyst in left temple area that I think is from the crust (wheat).  I think the cinnamon has had a very minor effect with super small pimples in the eye bags area.

Today I'm trying fruit pie with peaches, blueberries, amd whipped cream (all organic).  I'll put the fruit in the oven and put the whip cream on after they've cooked.

In Topic: I'm Vegan! Yaaaay :)

27 May 2015 - 02:26 PM

I tried fuck!  I should have taken a picture of it but I didn't.  I wish I did, but I've been eating peach cobbler for the past 2 days and it's sooo good!  I got a big pimple that was going to turn into a cyst yesterday after eating it for a second time.  I think it's the cinnamon that caused it.  I've suspect I've had problems with cinnamon in the past.

Next I'm gonna try baked fruit pie with whipped cream (no crust), and eventually baked fruit pie with just the pie crust.

In Topic: Nose Bump Scar Cures & Treatments

27 May 2015 - 02:21 AM


She used rubbing alcohol for 1 week, and hers almost dissapeared.  Caution:  Alcohol is dangerous!  Now, yes hers goes black while mines and yours is flesh colored, but other than that, nose bumps from peirckngs seem to be feircly close to nose bumps from acne.

I'm going to stop using tea tree oil and only use Witch Hazel for now.   I saw progress only using Whitch Hazel witch should be on this topic somewhere, and plus the Witch Hazel I'm using is 14% alcohol, and Tea Tree Oil is Tea Tree Oil.  It might not always be good for this type of bump.