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In Topic: Accutane For A Second Time? Help Please?

Yesterday, 07:27 PM

I also did a course of Accutane when I was younger, and was on Dianette (Diane where I'm from) for a long time. Came off it to have a baby - glowing pregnant skin! Back on it. Came off it to try for another, and after a year of indecision, the acne came back. It was definitely related to being off the pill.

Accutane is not a permanent solution for everyone, and often women with hormonal acne benefit more long term from anti-androgens like Diane.

In the end I did a second course and am back on the Diane. So far so good, but I get that staying on birth control long term is not a solution for everyone.
Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

In Topic: Is My Accutane Dose Too Low?

Yesterday, 07:12 PM

There is some research out there currently that taking a lower dose for a longer period can decrease your chances of relapse (based on the assumption that the length of time the sebaceous gland is suppressed is significant for relapse risk). However, some people do find that they have a hard time reaching clearance with such a low dose. One possibility is to up it a little until you are clear, and then take it back down.

Best of luck!

And 7 weeks is not that long. It often takes 3-4 months to see significant clearance, even on a regular course. And many second-timers (myself included) find it takes longer to get clear on the second course than it did on the first.

In Topic: 80 Mg Of Accutane And Wigh Only 114 Pounds Is This Safe?

Yesterday, 07:05 PM

80 is high. Current research indicates that starting at such a high dose can significantly increase your risk of scarring. I would ask about starting lower and working your way up unless there is a specific reason they want you starting this high. There very well may be good reasons, but you have the right to know and understand those reasons.

In Topic: How I Reduced Redness Overnight (Pretty Alot) With Zinc Cream

Yesterday, 06:59 PM

First, to the second poster, although certainly different people have different experiences, vaseline has a comedogenicity rating of 0, and will not clog pores for the vast majority of people when applied in a reasonable way. The whole idea of it being 'occlusive' is not as straightforward as vaseline haters make it out to be.

Second, for the first poster, zinc oxide is anti-inflammatory, so it will reduce redness and make your skin nice TEMPORARILY. It is certainly not going to permanently change your situation overnight. It is what they put in diaper rash cream for the same reasons. However, stop using it without finding the root of the issue, and diaper rash returns, just like facial redness.

Lots of people who have redness use zinc creams to calm it down. I use a zinc based sunscreen (17% zinc oxide), and it works great, but it is not going to permanently change anything from one use.

Best of luck.

In Topic: Low Dose Accutane Log (60Mg/week)

Yesterday, 12:49 PM

I don't post pics either. Just been waiting for you to check your log and deleted it.

Happy to share in a PM if you want a pic of me that lasts forever . . . ha ha ha ha!


Sorry to hear about the inflammatory crap. Hopefully the Accutane is pushing out the last of it.

1 month out of my course and still doing well. Still pretty worried as this acne I recently had was like a whole new breed of pain - so maybe the Accutane will not keep it away as well this time? Hoping that's just my paranoia speaking.