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Over-The-Counter Products?

11 November 2013 - 06:35 PM

Hello World!surprised.gif


Recently, I was very close to buy the ProActiv product, but I rarely believe in commercials. Also, I found out that many acne products CLOG up your pores and actually WORSENS your acne.


Before thinking of buying the ProActive series, I was also thinking of buying some over-the-counter products and prescription products... but again, is it really good for you? Especially since I'm in the puberty stage (duh, obviously most of us areeusa_doh.gif dot.gifbut I'm 13, and puberty started for me at 12, so I'm not sure at this stage my hormonal levels are more unbalanced).


Opinions please! 


Other side notes: I haven't been drinking much water... but I don't eat many sweets! And I have been getting a lot of calcium lately.... yeahdot.gif eusa_wall.gif .

Um... Help?

09 November 2013 - 09:55 PM

Hello World!surprised.gif 


I'm Alexa, last time I checked, I'm thirteen years old.

My acne isn't severe, not even moderate. It tends to be light, sometimes mild moderate, but never severe... I just started to get self-conscious.


I have deep pores on my cheek bones, and they are filled with black-heads(I think it's because I wear glasses, and the dirt from my glasses are applied on that certain spot)! It's really annoying, and of course, hormones are really kicking in, and I don't want to be... let's say "unattractive" dot.gif .


I'm just so tired of my acne right now, and I really want to not constantly think of my face. I'm trying to say... just help me get rid of this crap.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not incredibly popular (everyone knows me only because of I'm American, big whoop) nor am I timid (please, I'm not in the back). Don't mistaken me to be mainstream (100% anti-mainstream, I am NOT a hipster), I'm just against the flow. No, I will not call myself a rebel to society, that just makes me another pop wannabe... Getting off topic!eusa_doh.gif


Most of my acne is found on my chest, and I have swimming class at school every other week, so it's kind of embarrassing. My face isn't that bad, again, mainly underneath my glasses. 


I'm limited to only one cleansing product at the moment (recently moved to another country... can't find anything here!) and I was wondering if there are any natural products? Or products I can make from regular household supplies (I don't know, baking powder?)eusa_think.gif .



I've noticed the more I drink water, it's like a cleansing system and it helps with my acne. I don't like most sweets, not big on chocolate, bubblegum, etc.


Lastly, what products are best for average skin? I'm biracial (I don't know if that helps in being more specific) and I don't tend to have oily skin (shower everyday, muahahahaha). Advice people? Oh, and I don't buy prescription/over-the-counter products. Or advertised product regimens/systems (ProActiv, etc).


P.S. On a side note, can I have some advice from guys... Erm, what do other guys think of? I really don't understand their motives and their sidejokes.... I'm not looking for a boyfriend (dating in middle school, please) I just don't want to constantly think of what they are thinking of (crazy hormones, these thoughts won't leave me alone eusa_wall.gif eusa_wall.gif eusa_wall.gif ). Yeah, thanks....eusa_shifty.gif