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In Topic: Here's The Protocol That Healed My Acne Scars

13 February 2014 - 04:20 PM

@pineapple, my skin is much improved, I have not rolled in ages and no longer really feel the urge to do soo, infact not sure when I might roll/use the e derma stamp. My skin is now bearable, my initial problem was ice pic scars. To be 100% honest the only major flaws showing now are scars I treated with TCA cross! they are shallow but wider as a result of TCA cross, but improve with each roll/stamp, I can't even tell where my ice pick scars are now. My theory is due to the collagen induced or skin tightening effect of the rolls my scars improved as a result.

I will roll again perhaps when I have time but this time I will include Cicalfate cream which I belive will speed up my healing time.

I will update once I do soo.

And to recap I was depressed about my scars in the beginning, lost a lot of confidence, didn't go out much, now I'm meeting new people and getting on with things, very happy with my current outcome.

When I did my treatments I used 2mm rollers or set my e derma stamp to 2, bled a bit as it was intense, used super Cop serum, all of the items specified by the OP, the done time was long for me, usually almost a week and few days and even found my skin darkened from the treatment so it wasn't fun at all, I eventually needed fade creams to treat this after.

I did start my fight to rid myself of scars in 2012 and did roll on and off through out but something definitely changed when I used the stuff mentioned by the OP which I'm still greatful about. Pictures are motivational I agree but e derma stamps are really affordable and low risk compared to a lot of other options, if anyone needs pointers just pm.

In Topic: Here's The Protocol That Healed My Acne Scars

11 November 2013 - 06:07 AM

Through the mechanisms/processes of collagen induction.

And I don't mean dermarolling with weak little needles once then giving up, but rather with 2mm dermarollers  and derma pen extensively and incorporating healing aids as described above.

In Topic: Here's The Protocol That Healed My Acne Scars

10 November 2013 - 04:40 AM

@Crissy, I'm not the original OP but the one you need is the L-phenylalanine, that's the one I got and used.

Just to add to MY experience again, I used to do a side look with the mirror when my scars where at their worst and will see all these horrific indentations on my left and right cheek as well as my forehead, there where soo many of them but now everything appears smoother apart from the scars I treated with TCA cross which are much wider.

I truly hope these results are here to stay, it's been about 6 weeks or more since I carried out the last roll and I will be rolling in about a month or soo.

Also bare in mind this extensive roll left me with hyper pigmentation on the rolled areas.

In Topic: Here's The Protocol That Healed My Acne Scars

06 November 2013 - 08:49 AM

I just joined to personally thNk the OP for this post.

Let me just say I have done

TCA peels with minimal results, some smoothening of the surface and tone correction. Long down time for me over a week long.

TCA Cross, made a very few scars disappear, made some scars shallow, caused a few damages here and there and definitely widened most scars treated. Every stage of this treatment was depressing

I have dermarolled for over a year with good results in the sense that I no longer obsess about my scars by the seconds. It has made some scars smaller and altogether. What I found strange is that some scars will split in 2 and become smaller? Now my pitted skin looks more like pores if that makes any sense. The down time with derma rolling for me is bearable compared to the other 2.

Types of scars/skin issues- mostly pitted scars, a few box scara, open pores
I am Black African

As I mentioned I followed the OP's description to a "T" and something positively strange has happened, my scars have not all vanished but there has been leaps in improvement.

I suffered an Achilles rapture and decided since I will be home recovering I will do intensive rolls and follow all the supplements mentioned and protocol mind you I only took the pills and other stuff for roughly 2 weeks as it took a whole to heal which I attribute to the copper peptide.

What I did- I cleansed my skin and used a derma roller and rolled intensively with a couple of passes, it was a 2mm roller, then I used my dermapen equivalent device and did an intensive treatment with that also, it was pretty intensive, then it followed the protocol, all the supplements purchased cost me over £100 not to mention the copper peptide (SuperCop) and the derma roller and dermapen device.

A few warnings, I experienced hyper pigmentation and reddening at the rolled sites which is still a bit visible 3 weeks after.

I just felt I needed to report  my experience, I will roll again in about 2 months.