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cool as kim deal's blog > loving my skin today!

Posted 26 May 2007

So today I woke up and as I often do, I felt my face to check for new acne and see where existing ones are at. All I can feel are two very small bumps on my jawline, both old. Nothing else! This is so thrilling, my skin is getting even clearer than where it had been before. I'm going to be rather upset with these salicylic acid samples run out,...

cool as kim deal's blog > testing this thing out

Posted 23 May 2007

Hey all, I'm seeing what this new blog feature is all about. I tend not to do the earnest angsty internet confessional thing, so bear with me.

Currently on day 12 of testing out Dan's sample salicylic acid product. My present regimen is:

- cleanse with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal-to-Oily Skin
- apply a long fatty...