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Moisturizers With Lactic Acid?

14 November 2013 - 03:43 AM

Does anyone have any suggestions of good facial moisturizers with lactic acid aha as an active ingredient? Most of my active acne has subsided and I'm trying to clear up the red marks that remained after the acne cleared. I've tried 10% glycolic acid aha and it seems too harsh for my face. Even when I'm not using BP, glycolic acid turns my face red and the stinging lasts longer than it should. I'm concerned that if I keep using glycolic acid AHA it might cause damage to my skin. I've been looking for a good lower percentage lactic acid (like 5%), but there don't seem to be many. Eucerin skin renewal and Lac-hydrin 5 both seem to be discontinued.If anybody has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.


I was considering trying this lotion from Vaseline:



Not only does it contain lactic acid, but it has retinol, collagen, and vitamin E. It's also very cheap for the quantity. I know that it was designed to be a body lotion, but I was wondering if it might suit my purposes.

Should I Stop Bp?

11 November 2013 - 12:55 AM

I started the regimen about a 6 weeks ago to help combat my mild to moderate acne. I'm 21 now and have had acne since I was a teenager. My acne is not as severe as it once was. Even before starting the regimen I almost never got whiteheads or blackheads and I only have a few inflamed red bumps that are still active. Unfortunately, the sides of my cheeks and forehead are dotted in red marks where I used to have acne, and these spots have been there for years. I had some success using the regimen--the few active pimples I had have either disappeared or become less inflamed. However, the regimen has done little to mitigate the red marks, blotchiness, and blemishes on my face (they may even be getting worse). My skin is naturally dry, therefore, adding BP can make the dryness almost intolerable. Even after a month, there are still some days when my skin is so tight and irritated that I have to skip an application of BP and just put on jojoba oil and moisturizer after I cleanse. I've probably been applying BP 12 times per week instead of the full 14, but I really don't think my skin can handle anymore. I have also been unable to add aha so far because it irritates my skin too much.


My question is this: since I have few active acne bumps that are raised above the skin to begin with and my main objective is to clear the ingrained red marks on my face, should I discontinue my use of BP. I'm beginning to lose the patience to keep applying it when I have noticed so little improvement while the side effects continue to worsen. If I stopped BP I would still probably cleanse and moisturize everyday and hope that my acne will clear up with time. Thanks in advance for any help.

Spot Testing New Products?

03 November 2013 - 01:13 AM

I'm currently on the regimen and my skin is very prone to dryness. I've experimented with multiple different moisturizers as well as jojoba oil. I'm interested in trying coconut oil, but I'm worried it might break me out (I know that it is considered comedogenic). I've been using coconut oil on my neck and arms for a couple weeks now and it has yet to cause any breakouts. If anything, the redmarks on my neck have diminished. Would it be incorrect to assume that it would be safe on my face if it is safe on my neck? If so, what would be the best way to spot test it on my face to be certain it won't clog my pores before I start using it all over?