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#3393883 Anyone Have Good Results With Dermabrasion?

Posted by freshman on 10 November 2013 - 04:25 PM

I had dermabrasion done in September, but I haven't seen any improvement  :( 

There are no big side effects, I'm not even red anymore, so it could be that the surgeon didn't go deep enough.


I haven't had my nose dermabraded though, and I have severe scars.Also, it probably depends on the surgeon doing the procedure.

I have white/fair skin, you mentioned your skin was darker, so that may be an issue.


My opinion is that it in general doesn't work for deeper scars (my dermabrasion didn't even improve my more shallow, smaller scars, but that's probably just my doctor).I now think that the deeper scars need to be treated with excision/subcision depending on the scar and then maybe eventually dermabraded to even everything out.


However, I'm not too familiar with treating nose scars, that may be different in some way.


Sorry this review hasn't been more positive.

For what it's worth it is a very small area of your skin and the rest of your skin is not scarred (I assume). I don't think anyone cares about it half as much as you do wink.png

#3393765 Letting Go And Living With It

Posted by freshman on 10 November 2013 - 05:08 AM

^ Hahahaha my thoughts exactly...


EagerMiner, I have personal life examples for you as well


My uncle had very severe acne and scars and married my aunt who is very beautiful.He was also poor , before you start talking about money.

My cousin , who is an attractive girl married a wonderful man who got shot in the face in war before meeting her. Again, he wasn't rich.


Jfiligree previously reported a case along the lines of the ones mentioned above , but you chose to ignore it.


What do you have to say about these stories? They seem to undermine your theory how women are only interested in money and looks.