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In Topic: Bp Rash Please Help!

09 November 2013 - 12:41 PM

Used Epiduo two nights ago on my face and my cheeks are covered in a red, scaly, dry, eczema-type rash. Clearly the BP dried my skin out bad.
I've moisturised yesterday and overnight but it's not budging. Could it be permanent? I'm so scared I've done some damage to my skin or that another type of skin condition has appeared from Epiduo use (only used it two nights in a row).
What do you think?


You must know that side effects of Epiduo are horrible, it totally burns up your skin at first and make your acne worse. Just be patient, the first weeks your skin is adapting to the product, you may see the results soon. Apply the moisturizer before Epiduo for less dryness. 

In Topic: Facial Hair In The Middle Of Pimple. Folliculitis Or Acne?

09 November 2013 - 12:19 PM

I have a pimple and in the middle of it is a facial hair. Is that a sign of folliculitis?  

Hello There,

Yes, it is folliculitis, caused by infection in hair follicle. 


It usually heals itself in 1-2 weeks. 

In Topic: I Have Had A Small Cyst For A Month On My Face

08 November 2013 - 06:03 AM

Have you tried steaming ? 

In Topic: What Kind Of Acne Is This? (Different Person)

08 November 2013 - 06:01 AM

Well, basically everyones story. I started off with blackheads towards the end of 8th grade and eventually ended up here. Now my face is scared and just disgusting to me. I am the only one in my highschool with acne and it makes me extremely sad. Im in 10th grade now and never had a girlfriend before and these things have consumed my life. My ego is so low I dont like hanging out with my friends anymore and dont talk to girls. Im pretty sure you all didnt come here to read my sob story so Ill just cut to the chase now. My acne is getting extremely worse and Ive been trying several different things. And this up coming monday Im finally going to the dermo for the first time. The picture i put is my left cheek. My right side is probably worse. Acne scars,white head, those other ones i cant remember what their called. Its a lot worse in real life. Everyone has told me, stop popping your pimples, just leave them alone. But i just cant. If ididnt pop my pimples in 9th grade i wouldnt have had this curse i brought upon myself. I just kind of wanted to come here to share my face like many other people. Sorry my grammar and spelling is a bit off, my english isnt very good. One more thing, i dont understand why it looks like i have more acne in different lighting. This was also my first post after stalking this website for weeks. Thank you for listening


That's Acne Vulgaris 


First of all don't get stressed up. You are quite young, I know how it feels to be an Acne sufferer. At this age many people don't care about what they eat and how they live. If you are committed to eliminate the Acne permanently from you life then do it holistically. You need to listen to your body,


Many people try topical treatments for years and still can't cure Acne permanently, instead they make it worse.


You need to know what made your body to behave like this ? Hormonal Imbalance ? Toxins ? Genetics ?


Are you consuming too much refined carbohydrate, breads, dairy products ?

In Topic: Pimple Whitehead

08 November 2013 - 05:32 AM

Hey guys so , I don't know what this is but it looks like a whitehead hat turned yellow! Can you guys tell me how to cure it..... I don't want to pop it, and the products I have are benozyl peroxide , salysitic acid, tea tree oil .....attachicon.gifimage.jpg


Whitehead is a form of Acne brought on by clogged hair follicles. That yellow/white is mixture of oils, bacteria, and sometimes pus.


Here's how you can cure it
1. Mild steaming is the only way to open the clogged pores properly. Steaming facilitates the easy removal of oil, dirt and bacteria stuck in the pores.
2. Wash your face twice daily with mild soap to remove the dead skin cells ( Do not wash it vigorously, it may worsen your acne)
3. Instead of using benzoyl peroxide use tree oil on the affected area twice a day.