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Diet And Acne Pics Included

29 October 2013 - 04:55 PM

I started getting cysitc acne when I was senior in high school 3 years ago. It Really bothered me a lot and my self esteem dropped a ton. After cutting dairy out of my diet the cystoc acne generally went away. (Im not embarassed to take my shirt off in public anymore). One day the summer between senior and freshman year of college I noticed that I have small acne all over my forehead. It happened over night and it was really oily and bumpy, but never with white sebum. Now (junior year of college) my back is mostly fine except one or two small pimples on my shoulders. But, my face looks very bad. I get really red and sweaty for no reason( it can be extremely embarrassing) the bumps and redness spread to my cheeks and my confidence is at an all time low. Some days I skip class because im ashamed of the way I look. I dont have the confidence to talk to girls anymore, I hate playing basketball (the sport I love) because my face looks SO red and feels really dry and uncomforatble. I know that if I eat raw diet, including fruit and mostly vegetables, the acne will look 80% better but I have only been able to do this for max 2 weeks at a time because I look emaciated and always feel soo hungry. Also and lotion or shampoo on my face will REALLY dry out my face and cause it to look super red for 2 or more days. If anyone has any advice please help me out I dont wanna eat like a rabbit for the rest of my life