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Self Pmd Or Facial Centre Pmd

27 November 2013 - 12:01 AM

im 26,brown skin guy and been suffering from acne and especially acne scars since 15. atm moment my acne is controlled but my scarring is a serious issue. especially from my sideburns down to my chin and cheeks and sides of my nose. i went for a facial which include microdermabrasion, but i felt it was very womenly ,was costly too and just not use to putting toner, spf cream etc.


im contemplating of getting the PMD - personal microderm kit which cost 181 USD, if not i would probably would have to go for monthly facial which could reach up to 220 usd or even more as these centres have got myriads of products trying their best to oversell which frustrates me.


im just tired confuse and feel defeated by acne.



Facial Wash, Cleanser And Scrub For Brown Skin

26 November 2013 - 11:45 PM

hi guys, i was wondering what type of otc products i should use for brown skin. i have mild acne but loads of post acne scars, so being brown sking melanin production is close to inevitable therefore my skin and especially the scars get darker .


atm im using garnier acno fight- salycylic acid, so far it has reduce the acne but my scars are still visible and moreover after using this my skin tends to get dry and occurence of white patches.


so right now im contemplating of buyin loreal's


1. acno striker -salyscylic acid and zinc-g and melanin vanish.

but it has sodium laureth sulfate which i read has adverse effects.


2. pure matte anti mark gel - similar to the above


3. deep  exfoliating foam


so theres a foam, gel, and exfoliator.


the issue is im just confuse as theyre plenty of otc products for fair sking but not brown skin.


what you guys think. im kinda desperate cause i'll be starting a new job soon.

From Double Blade To Single Blade And Now Contemplating Electric Shaver

26 November 2013 - 11:35 PM

hi guys, im 26 brown skin men. atm i''m using a single blade razor for my shaves although it gives me a smooth shave, my skin especially from the sideburn along the jawline and chin tend to have stubbles. im not sure whether its enlarge pores or stubbles. well anyway i do have mild acne and scarring thats why i switch to single blade razor but right now due to my rate of growth i would probably have to shave twice a day because even with slight hairgrow plus with the acne scarring on that area, it looks horrible. im thinking maybe the first layer of skin tend to be slice off with the razor causing enlarge or open pores which in turns cause pimples.


so im contemplating getting a electric razor, as it would probably save time and its quite handy especially at work too. however, i realize the best results was shaves from the barber but it would cost me and like i said by evening i've got a mild hairgrowth.


i'm just really tired of shaving and shaving (xtra prep, time consuming),


what you guys think?





Acne And Scars On A Dark Skin

07 October 2013 - 05:09 AM

Hi there,  really need help.


at this moment i'm using only 2 washes.

1. Acne Aid face soap

2. Clean & cleanser (pink tube)


previously i was making sandal wood face mask but it just made my skin dry. moreover everytime after shaving (i shave everyday) my face starts to get these tiny bumps that sometimes would turn into pimples.

I'm also an active person, quite often under the sun for several hours. i read that salcyclic acid is good in removing scars but has side effects on dark sking people as the UV rays may cause scars to be darker.(correct me if im wrong). i used to pick a lot when i was a teenager and sometimes even now. i dont like my skin to have bumps.

i've have not seen a dermatologist due to the potentially high cost.


i've also tried using yogurt, egg white. sandal wood facemask does make lighter but like i said it make my skin dry.


and i seriously do not know what type of face wash to use. should i get i brand? a friend of mine uses only neutrogena facial cleanser. but i'm just not sure. i gotta use an acne cleanser, facial cleanser, and a scrub?