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Claravis...here we go! > Last Month!

Posted 09 April 2014

Whew can't believe how much time has passed! I just started month 6 and my skin looks great! I barely broke out all of month 5 I would get 1 or 2 teeny tiny ones that would literally disappear within a day its great. My derm said this will most likely be my last month, but we may do 1 extra for maintenance purposes. I honestly don't even mind at this poin...

Claravis...here we go! > Month 3 Update

Posted 04 February 2014

Halfway done! (I hope) Day 90.
My dermatologist bumped me up from 30mg to 40mg/day. She was going to keep me at 30mg but I'm going to be out of state for an internship starting in May so we are trying to get me up to the cumulative dose and off the drug by then.
Not much new to update though! Still have a few small closed comedones that beco...

Claravis...here we go! > Week 10 Update

Posted 20 January 2014

Well so far...the much anticipated "magic" that is supposed to happen in the 3rd month hasn't happened yet.

Still breaking out and it's so frustrating! I won't even try popping any of them so they just sit there all red and inflamed for up to 2 weeks at a time. I've had to get a couple cortisone injections since I first started treatment just to make the...

Claravis...here we go! > Week 9 Update

Posted 12 January 2014

This update is a few days late, but I couldn't get my prescription for a few days. Damn iPledge makes it so complicated!
Anyways...first week on 30 mg. I can tell I am a little more dry than when I was on 20 mg (which I expected)
I did have a mini breakout. 2 little pimples around my chin/mouth area. That seems to be the only part of my face...

Claravis...here we go! > Month 2 Update

Posted 03 January 2014

Month 2 down...
Had my derm appointment today and she is bumping me up from 20mg/day to 30 mg/day. She initially wanted to keep me on 20 but I don't want to end up being on accutane for longer than 6 months so I asked if I can be bumped up a little bit. 
Good news is that I didn't breakout at all this week. Everything is reallllly slowi...