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In Topic: An alternative to sunscreen lotion...

24 June 2006 - 09:55 AM

shock.gif  This got rid of my acne and left my skin burn free and silky smooth - all whilst looking stylish biggrin.gif  meheheh I love it. good ol ebay.

In Topic: Astringent helps with acne?

24 June 2006 - 09:53 AM

I agree that it gets off the grime we can't see, I love witch hazel and it does a great job.

In Topic: Home remedies

05 June 2006 - 04:59 AM

cod liver oil (you drink it)
bleach (i heard it is good)
paint stripper (??)
rust remover (ekkk!!)
clearisel ultra cream
strong acid (such as hydrochloric)
baking powder

NOOO redface.gif . Different things work for different people but you've got to be gentle. Honestly, people think that these harsh products will work because they are strong and contain alcohol etc, but they strip your skin of its natural oils, thus forcing skin to produce even more oil and leading to buildups and clogged pores.

Toothpaste - An old one, personally I found it did nothing but made my skin red and sore although some do claim that it drys up the odd pimple. I'd give it a pass.

Cod liver oil - I'd say yes to this one, a spoonful a day! Or you can get tablets, which I would prefer seeing as the oil tastes minging biggrin.gif  It's a source of essential fatty acids which are good for skin, hair and nails and general wellbeing. I take a multiblend tablet of different essential fats and they do help.

Bleach - Goodlord I would say NOOOO shock.gif wouldn't it be way too harsh. it would burn and strip your skin. Stay away.

Paint Stripper - Likewise, leave it well alone. Far too strong.

Rust remover. ekk indeed, again, too strong. Gentle is the key word.

Acetone - too harsh, again redface.gif

Alchohol - Well it's in most acne products but I think it's too drying and irritating. It can make redness worse and actualy burn the delicate skin. For spot treating a product containing alchohol may be suitable but I wouldn't rub it into surrounding skin.

Vinegar - Alot of people find apple cider vinegar helpful, taken internally and used externally. It's meant to be good for red marks and I'd say it would dry up a small pimple. Just don't slather it on biggrin.gif

Clearasil Ultra Cream - I tried it, did nothing for me but other people may claim it did wonders. I hate all clearasil products, they usually make the problem worse.

Strong acid - NONONO eusa_naughty.gif  redface.gif  Stay right away.

Baking powder - I think I've heard rather alot about people using it as an exfoliating scrub, do a search for it in some of the forums and you'll find out some more, but I think it can be somewhat helpful

So where did you find that list? There are plenty of home remedies out there. Here's a link to some gentle, mostly natural kitchenmade solutions http://www.fatfreeki...ome-remedy.html

And if you do a search on google for natural homemade acne remedies there should be a wide range. In my opinion, and what has worked for me, is to be natural! Use gentle products that won't strip your skin of oils and leave it feeling dry. Spot treat only the pimple and perhaps use aloe vera for redness. This doesn't work for anyone, different products suit different skins, but I think everyone should be as gentle as possible in general, the skin is a delicate thing!

Good luck, sorry for rambling and somebody else shall probably give you more sensible info biggrin.gif

In Topic: any advice appreciated!!!

05 June 2006 - 04:44 AM

Hey, I'm quite new to minerals myself. I get plagued with flaky patches on my face and the makeup just seems to cling and look awful rolleyes.gif  What you definately don't want to do is scrub at anything, it'll only aggravate the pimple and skin around it and you'll be left with more to cover. If I'm having particular trouble with dryness before makeup I steam my skin for around 5 minutes and gently exfoliate with a clean washcloth or facial brush, the heat really helps biggrin.gif  Then I moisturise while my face is still just a tad damp (I use eucerin dry skin relief it's absolutely brilliant, get yourself some!) Minerals should be applied to a completely dry face so that they don't cling to certain areas, so let your skin absorb the moisture. I usually apply my liquid concealer while my face is still drying, by the time thats done I'm completely ready to apply minerals eusa_dance.gif If you are using any liquid concealer or foundation to spot cover, keep it on the actual red pimple and try not to spread it around too much as it may accentuate dryness.

As for the difference in loose powder makeup and loose podwer I'm not acually sure, I thought they were both the same. I mean you can get powder foundations with coverage, then theres just the light setting powders. And the mineral loose powder makeup is usually very light and translucent and is used just to set your mineral makeup foundation. eusa_think.gif  Hmm, well I hoped I helped a bit, sorry for rambling! All the best!

Oh wait sorry I just read your regimen and you're using regular liquid foundation, not minerals redface.gif  woops sorry. In that case I would apply the foundation with a spone and a very light hand. On my liquid days I apply it whilst my moisturiser is still absoring as it helps to minimise flaking!

In Topic: What the best face friendly sunscreen?

29 May 2006 - 10:26 AM

such an important thing to have biggrin.gif  I use skin ceuticals and find it great! Very sure that it's never led to any breakouts or clogged pores.