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Clay Body Masks

21 September 2010 - 04:06 PM

Hey guys, I have some "aztec secret" healing clay that I use on my folliculitis/picked pores (i'm a compulsive picker). It's calcium bentonite and I mix it up and use it every day on my arms, and it dries up infections and helps with swelling and inflammation. It really does speed up the healing process, it seems. I'm quite happy with it. I'm wondering if any of you guys have used this for body acne/folliculitis etc? It also helps with my ingrown hairs.

A trick to help mix it up that would probably help with other clays too, if they tend to clump on you- try lemon juice. I use equal parts lemon juice and water and it makes a nice smooth frothy mask that's easier to apply than the clumpy mask I get when I just use water. I also add a few drops of rosewood oil, that seems to provide additional healing power.

Hang in there, guys...

04 September 2010 - 09:23 AM

Hey guys. Just wanted to post an encouraging note to all you teenagers dealing with acne. I had moderate-severe acne (although rarely cystic) from the age of 11 or so, on my body from age 12, and I also have compulsive traits and picked at my skin relentlessy, making it much worse. My skin was also very sensitive and I thought I had beginning stages of rosacea, even paid several hundred dollars to have IPL a few times. Pretty much all makeup irritated and stung my skin, and I couldn't even identify "breakouts" as I was always broken out. Every time one pimple would disappear, two more would appear it seemed. I would go to the doctor and just cry, every topical they gave me irritated my skin and helped minimally. Every oral medication (antibiotic) they gave me upset the balance in my body. I never did find a magic cure, however, I began to realize at about the age 19 or 20 that I got virtually no acne. Looking back, it's hard to believe how much difficulty I had as a teenager with acne. My skin is also much more resistant and less sensitive and red, I do believe it is because I am not using any harsh acne products anymore. I was lucky and have minimal facial scarring, despite my picking, and although I still have very oily skin I am grateful for it in some ways.... in that, I learned in esthetician school (no, I didn't finish) as well as in books that oily skin, although acne-prone, doesn't tend to age as quickly as if my skin was dryer.

Anyways, I just wanted to send out a quick blurb to those of you... I know what it's like to feel desparate. I know what its like to suffer from depression and poor self esteem stemming from acne. But there is hope... I was so afraid I'd never "grow out of" my acne, and am very grateful that I did. Most people do, or it at least improves greatly, at some point. So hang in there! Hopefully a day will come where, like me, you will hardly even think about acne anymore because it is virtually gone. smile.gif

Bentonite mask routine and recipes...

04 September 2010 - 09:04 AM

Hey all. So, I haven't struggled with acne on my face in a few years (thank god) aside from the occasional little pimple. However, my skin is still extremely oily and full of comedones. I currently use a pineapple enzyme mask by Sanitas, and recently found my container of "Indian Healing Clay", calcium bentonite. I am thinking of mixing it with fresh squeezed lemon juice or vinegar or witch hazel or something, and a few drops of tea tree oil maybe, and after removing it following it immediately with the enzyme mask. I think I can do this because the enzyme mask is very gentle, and it would be able to penetrate deeper into the pores and follicles once the clay mask removes the dead surface skin, and some of the gunk at the surface my pores. Do you guys think this sounds like a good idea? Also, what could someone with oily skin add to calcium bentonite clay to make a good mask?