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Clear after 15 years...

25 November 2005 - 04:39 PM

First of all, I want to say hi to everybody on this message board. I am new as a member, but I have visited the boards frequently the past year as a guest. By the way, sorry if my english isn't perfect, I'm from Europe.

Now this is my story. I've had acne since the age of twelve. I'm now twenty seven, so that's fifteen years of pimples. My acne has always been quit severe. I've done a couple of Accutane cycles (in Europe it's called Roaccutane), but my acne didn't totally dissapear on the meds, and it came back full strength within two weeks of ending the Accutane.

Untill I got really, really fed up with the acne and started searching the web for information. I must say I found the most valiable information on message boards like these (in fact, I think Acne.org is the best). I think I found a solution for some people. The key I think is the whole alkaline-acidic diet thing. But most people don't diet correctly. Here's what I do. I got me 100% clear, however it may take a few days/weeks/months to work. First, I noticed my skin became less oily, then I noticed less new zits popping up, and finally NO new zits forming. It also ridded me of my ugly red marks, although that took a little longer.

My diet:

Of course the basics: NO SUGAR, only natural foods: whole grain bread, vegetables, fruits, patotoes, etc. But this is nothing new, I guess. I DO eat some meat/fish at dinner, but in moderation. I dont know about diary products, I never eat them anyway. But key is NO SUGAR, ALL NATURAL (and NO ALCOHOL, smoking and coffee in moderation)

Now in order to make my body SUPERALKALINE I use the following trick:

In the morning, BEFORE BREAKFAST, I squeeze a whole lemon and mix it with water (ratio 1:1 - nice taste biggrin.gif ) After drinking that, I wait half an hour to 45 minutes before I eat breakfast (during that time I shower, read the papers, whatever) so it's digested purely. I do the same thing before going to bed at night(again on an empty stomach - several hours after dinner). I read some members on this board drink it with meals, but you just will not get the same results (I tried). Somehow, it is better absorbed by the body, I dont know how. If you do this, you will experience dry, cracked lips after a few days (like on Accutane), and skin becoming less oily. Keep up and you will get results. You need to use TWO lemons a day (in the beginning I even used three)

Also I try to eat as much alkaline foods as possible during the day: cucumber, raisins, oranges etc. I never eat processed foods (it causes hormone spikes ===> acne). If I get a craving for sugar, I eat fruits, fruits, fruits.

I wanted to be sure this works before I posted, so I tried it for some time, but during that time I didn't get a single pimple. Before doing this I had severe acne. Please try it, if it works tell other people about it. And no, I am not spamming lemons biggrin.gif

Keep us posted with your progress.