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i did a exfoliating peel - don't know name of peel - help

13 April 2004 - 07:48 PM

i had gone to a beauty salon where they use some kind of an exfoliating peel but I don't know what it's called.  the redmars and brownmarks I previously had were now gone... the mild peel had made the redness turn brown, then the brown spot of skin immediately peeled off after a day.  do u know what they may have used?

check out before after photos of acne scar treatment

05 March 2004 - 12:03 AM


anybody want to comment on the before/after photos and about the procedures?

scar revision - dermal fillers - uk, canada, europe

29 February 2004 - 02:57 AM

the cure is in your ballpark?  i would think that the only effective treatment for scars is by injecting the indentations using a permanent dermal filler such as AQUAMID, ARTECOLL, BIO-ALCAMID, ARGIFORM, and a few others.  These fillers are approved in many countries in europe such as the UK, Canada, Asia, Mexico, Australia, and various other parts of the world - all except for the U.S.  Unfortunately we have no approved "permanent" dermal fillers in america so nobody's talking about them.  For us to have them done, we would have to do some mad traveling - the thought of traveling to an unknown world to have some scars filled in isn't as easy as it sounds.  But how about you folks in the countries where these treatments are available.  The cure is right in your own ballpark I would think.  I see that there's quite a few of you in europe.  Why aren't there more of you talking about it - did you guys all get healed then disappear or something?  Do you hear alot of people using these permanent fillers in your own country - or are they popular in your country?

dermal filler list

27 February 2004 - 04:18 AM

DERMAL FILLERS:  adato sil-ol 5000, amazingel, aquamid, argiform (argyform), artecoll (artefill), arteplast, bio-alcamid, bioformacryl, bioplastique, biopolimero, biopolymere, dermadeep, dermagen, dermalive, evolution, formacryl, kopolymer 4e, metacrill, metrex, outline, procell, profill, radiance, radiance fn, rhegecoll, silikon 1000, silicex, achyal, botox, cosmoderm (cosmoplast), dermicol, hyacel, isolagen, hylaform, outline, juvederm, macrolane, newfill, perlane, restylane, permacol, rofilan hylan gel, zyderm (zyplast), alloderm, cymetra