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27 May 2014 - 07:47 AM

Question for DC Girl:


1.  what do you use to sterilize the derma stamp?  Example... if I use it today, then use it again a month from now, obviously I want to sterilize it for the next use since it has been punctured into my skin from the previous use... what can I use to effectively sterilize it?


2.  What do you use to sterilize the derma-needle?


3.  for the TCA spot-treatment, "when" do you wash the TCA off?  Example... after applying 15% TCA, do you wash it off after 5 minutes? 


4.  Which TCA concentration was most effective for you in the reduction of the shallow scars?  .... was it the 15% or the 30%?


5.  In your opinion, do you think the vitamin e helped?... or is it possible I can let my skin heal naturally after the dermastamp without the use of topicals after the derma stamp?  Convince me if I'm wrong, but I was thinking about trying this without using any topical creams afterwards and just let my skin heal itself.


6.  Would you say the derma-stamp is more effective, or the derma-needle? 


7.  Which should I try first... derma-stamp or single-needling?


8.  From what I can recall if I read correctly, dermastamp goes into your skin directly from top to bottom (no angles), but you said when you tried single-needling, that you inserted the needle at an angle.  In your opinion, does it matter if you insert the needle from top to bottom straight, or if you insert the needle at an angle? 


Thanks for your help.


As a bio student, I believe needling works because of mitosis.  Mitosis is the rejuvenation and repairing of cells.