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Oil Cleansing Method

22 December 2013 - 09:02 AM

Hi guys,

I started doing the oil cleansing method 3 months ago on jojoba oil. The first month was amazing, my skin cleared up. Then the breakouts started... I've been using pure which hazel as a toner for the last month as it got so bad! Now it's a little better but I still have bumps on my jawline and really bad scarring.

I was advised to switch to grapeseed oil which I did yesterday, but to be honest I'm feeling pretty down about the state of my skin. I've been told to ditch the make up which I have also done but people stare when I go out!

Have others had any success on the OCM? My friend is thriving on it but does not have acne like me. You can see how t was a couple of weeks ago in the photo.