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#73478 about retin-a and punch excision

Posted by Maya on 08 September 2003 - 06:57 AM

I had punch excision 5 days ago - 12 scars, stitches just came off - it's a little bit red pink/sore looking but the scars look much improved. I used retin-a right up till I had the punch excision and I will satrt using it again in a couple of days. Tomorrow, I will be able to easily cover the pinkess with a little powder and no one would know.

My progress on excision is here: http://acne.org/mess...opic.php?t=6590

Depends what laser you are having whether you will get downtime or not. I've had N-Lite (non-ablative laser) 3 times - no downtime at all and you look the same straight after.