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In Topic: Week 6 :(

18 April 2014 - 02:10 PM

if you havent had any success with doxy then i would suggest you try a different antibiotic such as minocycline or even keflex. i had bad cystic/nodular acne last year that was just awful and i was so down about it but then after trying every antibiotic out there i tried the keflex and then spiro. keflex stopped the acne in its tracks in 5 days and then spiro keeps me clear for good now. its amazing stuff and i have like no side effects except for sometimes i dont get my periods on time but thats about it. i feel great on it and only wish i did it 4 years ago when my derm suggested it. it might have stopped me from having the scarring i have now. that is what you want to avoid is because once you get scars its almost impossible to get rid of them. i know how you feel though i felt so gross in front of my husband and just cried every single day. keflex saved my life but talk to your derm and see what they say about it. sometimes they will even give you prednisone to calm everything down. 

one more thing for myself when i have cystic acne bp wont touch it at all because its just too deep. aha usually does work pretty well but i think its more of a preventative thing and wont do much for the cysts you have on your face now. anyway that is just my two cents but i would go back to the derm like stat. i would either go the antibiotic/spiro route or just go right on the tane but whatever you dont wait around too long to do it. 

In Topic: Week 6 :(

17 April 2014 - 02:17 PM

not sure how old you are but have you thought about spiro or accutane at all? i dont think the regimen will work for you since you seem to have cystic acne. i would go to the derm and get on antibiotics for now to clear you until you figure out if you want to try spiro or accutane. just a note for myself i tried every single natural thing and none of it worked at all. i gave up everything and was miserable and then it led to scarring which i am dealing with now. the only thing that has kept me clear was antibiotics and spiro. my only wish was that i went on the spiro first or i probably wouldnt have got scarring in the first place. i am no longer on the antibiotics which is so nice but i know some derms prescribe accutane and spiro at the same time but its something you gotta decide for yourself if you want to go down that road. 

you are very beautiful though that is for sure!!

In Topic: My Spiro Log

17 April 2014 - 12:03 PM

lol dont worry about having a few drinks your body will get used to it. i drink once a week on the spiro with no issues at all.

when i workout i just wash my face and then put on my moisturizer after i am done. sometimes i just rinse it if my skin feels too dry to watsh it again.

good luck!!

In Topic: Help With Cysts

17 April 2014 - 10:05 AM

ice helps as well as taking aleve or ibuprofen but not sure what all meds you can take while on accutane though. you can ice it a few times a day though and put some bp on it but not sure it will do too much.

In Topic: Marks/scarring?

17 April 2014 - 08:08 AM

i would add in an aha nightly to help keep those pores clear and bp to spot treat but you must use spf everyday.