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In Topic: Depressed With Unsupportive Family

Yesterday, 09:16 AM

just wanted to say you are really pretty and your scars dont look too bad at all. once the redness is all gone it will look so much better to you. i feel bad you are going through such a tough time but remember that you are beautiful and you deserve everything in the world. hugs!

In Topic: Spironolactone...increased Sex Drive And Crazy Pms

24 June 2015 - 09:34 AM

what i've noticed is that sex drive went up at first then slowly went down after i had been on spiro for a while. i used to get pms really bad but i had it before spiro but now after being on it for a few years that has gone away to the point that i have no idea when i am getting my period now. its also really light too which is a nice surprise. one thing i did notice all those years that i was on the pill is that my periods were so much worse while i was on it versus not being on it. most people have the opposite affect but not me. i am just glad i got off them years ago. 
if you are clear i dont see a reason to increase spiro but go with whatever you feel comfortable doing but i do agree that 100mg is a very effective dose. that's what i've been on since 12/2013.

In Topic: Spiro Ruined My Face

23 June 2015 - 05:51 PM

Not being insensitive i just dont believe it. I am allowed to have my opinion. If its that bad for you though then no reason to keep taking it then.

In Topic: Spiro Ruined My Face

23 June 2015 - 04:30 PM

Now I thought about my boyfriend's comment, that he made some time ago. We looked at my pictures from 1,5 or more years ago and he said that my face was so plump (he personally didn't think the plumpness was cute, but the point is, he saw the difference) and now I thought that my face might have changed after I started taking spiro. The difference is that I've been taking it waaaay longer than the thread's author and it's weird to me, that something would drastically change after just three week, but shit happens... Anyway, this topic made me consider getting off spiro.   

As you age you lose volume so that was probably why. It happens to us all ;)

In Topic: Spiro Ruined My Face

22 June 2015 - 01:14 PM

I just don't know how that could happen I've never heard anything about any medication doing anything like that. I would need to see a pic because with you being so young I just cant imagine anything aging you that fast like ever. So has your derm confirmed the drastic change to your appearance? I take 100mg and pretty much everybody I know on spiro takes 100mg so that's not a high dose or anything you were on. You do need to take it with food and drink a crap ton of water and sometimes it can make your periods out of whack but I haven't heard of much else happening to people I know that are taking it. I know for me spiro makes my skin just look a million times better and I can eat anything I want and wash my face with anything I want too. Now I do wear a lot of makeup but that is for my scarring which I got prior to spiro. For me had I found spiro years ago I would be in a much better place mentally now.
Anyway post a before and after picture on here so we can see what you are talking about but I am sure you look just fine. :)