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In Topic: Ziana/biacna For Hormonal Acne?

Yesterday, 07:26 AM

i would do what your derm suggests and keep taking the mino it should clear you pretty well but will take time. its not too much since the one antibiotic is just on your face. the ziana stuff will cause everything to come to the surface which is why people break out at first pretty badly but then that should clear up in time.

good luck!

In Topic: Time To Address Acne My Scars

Yesterday, 07:21 AM

i dont think you really should do anything you look great and are very attractive. the scars dont take anything away from your appearance but they are also very mild. i would stick with the retin-a and you could try some chemical peels but i wouldnt do much more than that.

In Topic: Spironolactone Journey

Yesterday, 07:13 AM

i really think spiro is going to work for you but it will take a lot longer to fully kick in. i would give the keflex time to work even though its hard. what did the derm say about increasing your dosage to twice a day? you figure they even can prescribe it for 3 times a day as well. also did you say you were trying to get in for injections? that will help so much. just keep an eye on your skin and i believe that in the next few weeks you wont be gettting nearly as many cysts at all or if any. also prednisone can be used too if you are like really going crazy and cant take it any longer. i know its hard i totally get where you are coming from each day you just feel more beat down than the last but you can get through this. at least its friday and you can just try and relax a bit over the weekend.

just know that i am thinking about you and sending prayers your way. keep me updated on things.

In Topic: Aqua Glycolic, Aczone, & Minocycline

23 July 2014 - 08:23 AM

yeah its really hard to tell my derm was like just try it and if it doesnt work then she would give me accutane but i am glad i didnt have to go that route. its crazy though suffering with cystic acne off and on for 16 years and this is the only thing that 100% worked for me. wish i would have taken it years ago. so glad the aqua glycolic is working though. i love glycolic acid it really does work so well. 

In Topic: Spironolactone Journey

23 July 2014 - 08:17 AM

try to hang in there even though i know how hard this is for you. do you get any of the cysts injected? when i was breaking out bad i went in for weekly injections until i got on the keflex because my cysts would never go away and even though it took time since they diluted the cortisone i believe it helped me get through that awful time. i 100% know how you feel though i didnt go out for 6 months i was in such a deep depression i thought i would never get out of and my poor hubby was so sad because there wasnt anything he could do to help me. the best thing you can do right now is to force yourself to go out and do something - anything just to get out of the house and try to keep up your regular routines so keep exercising and doing what you love because you will get through this and you will get to the other side. just try to hang in there and you can pm anytime. sending hugs and prayers your way :)