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Yesterday, 08:40 AM

they did not perform a dermal graft the hole filled in all by itself. craziness!!

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25 November 2014 - 12:54 PM

I am the opposite - alcohol always puffs me up so my scars actually look better. My skin tone looks worse though but then I just drink water all day and it looks normal again the next day.

In Topic: Atrophic Scars Treatment

25 November 2014 - 10:32 AM

Yeah I don't get it either the things they can do for people that have had skin cancer are so amazing to me.

Its so crazy my hubby had a basil cell carcinoma removed near his nose and they had to go a few layers deep and when he took off the bandage I was freaked out by the fact that they went down so far.  I felt so bad for him because i figured he would have this nice size hole in his face for the rest of his life. Wouldn't you know it a few months later it totally filled in and you cant even see any red mark or anything from where it was done?! I don't get it. My indented acne scars I got from almost 2 years ago never filled in and they weren't even that indented (well nothing like what he had). I cant figure out why that is though.

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18 November 2014 - 09:44 AM

what i am saying hearts is that many times people go online and get their medical advice from people that are not doctors and often times they read things that aren't true so in your case i get what you are saying but its not good to get all of your medical information from the internet. its good to be well informed but i feel many times when taking meds its best to talk to your doctor about any issues or questions you may have. 

In Topic: Treating Hormonal Acne The Natural Way?

17 November 2014 - 02:42 PM

i think you should be fine but talk to your doctor again about what you eat and see what he has to say. i eat tons of veggies, potatoes, bananas, whole grains and never had any issues so think you will be ok but see what the doctor says. yeah it sucks with the breaking out on the spiro but for me i had no other option besides accutane and i didnt want to go that route so i had to just go with it. i made it 2 months before i asked for the keflex after trying a few other antibiotics that didnt work. the keflex cleared me up with 5 days though and then i stayed on that for a while then weaned off and have been fine ever since. most derms just give the antibiotics with the spiro to catch a lot of that acne you get until it kicks in. it could kick in sooner for you everybody is different. i would keep on the spiro and make sure you use some sort of BHA/AHA daily to keep those pores clear as well. 


Thanks that makes me feel better. When I asked my doc about it he answered with a very strict no, don't have to avoid anything. After reading these forums I just got paranoid:D

Yeah I don't want to go on accutane either and I'm 90% sure my acne would come back after it so there's really no point.

My doc also offered me antibiotics to help speed up the process but I didn't take it. It never improved my skin at all before and it made me throw up. not fun. He also gave me topical cream with tretinon+clindamycin.

How long did the initial break out last  for you and when did you notice things getting better? I guess I have a long way to go.. And I'm still only on 50mg which seems quite low of a dose. I weigh about 115lbs. Maybe I should try upping to 75 soon.

yeah i wouldnt worry about anything. sometimes its best not to read too much online. always go with what your doctor says when it comes to meds and things. they know more than any of us on this site do unless they are doctors themselves. i agree that is why i went the spiro route my derm said the accutane would shut the acne down while i was on it but that it would come back after i got off of it. i had great luck with doxy and mino but keflex was the only thing that 100% stopped all acne and stopped it fast and with no stomach irritation. did you eat a full meal when taking your antibiotics? that makes a difference too. i broke out really bad for first 2 months on spiro and i got on keflex and then never broke out again after that even after stopping the keflex but yeah i take 100mg everyday. i think its the most effective with that dose at least that is what my derm told me. she said all of her patients take between 100-200mg a day. i wouldnt worry about your weight from what my derm says that has no bearing on how much you can take. i weighed 111 pounds when i started and had i not gone on the keflex and cleared up she was going to have me take 150mg a day.