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General Self Acne Observations

16 July 2014 - 04:37 AM

When I get a zit, I don't wait till it has a white puss head. I just take a Dettoled needle and prick it and then I squeeze it with my fingers , this damages nearby skin and then leaves a dark mark around with a white skinless crater.


I MUST NOT squeeze my zits, keep on applying BP until the zit gets a whitehead, even if it takes more than a week !


If I do get a dark crater, use BP on it at night to dry up the skin and to also speed up skin regeneration underneath. Then, use a microdermabrasion cloth and gently wipe the craters to remove much of the dry dark top-layer skin.

Finally, use manuka honey to repair skin colour to what it was before.

Damaged My Skin With Glycolic Acid!

13 July 2013 - 05:38 AM

So, I have this chickenpox/smallpox crater on my forehead.

I decided to use glycolic acid to get rid of the crater and things backfired. The surrounding area's skin got burnt off and white skin was showing!


After lot of manuka honey, neosporin , the skin has healed but there is a dark concentric circle around the crater.


How can I change the colour of this to look like the rest of my forehead's skin tone ?


Any ideas guys ?

Acne Zits/pimples And Marks

08 October 2012 - 06:06 AM

Folks, so....... I am still battling violently with my acne marks. [ i.e. I get a pimple, it goes away on it's own or I have to gently squeeze out the white stuff and it leaves behind marks! ]

I was using Manuka Honey and it was going so well! Then, I went on holiday to a sunny country and couldnt apply it for 2 weeks and now my skin refuses to get tricked by Manuka again!

I am now using Garnier Marks corrector cream ( has 5% concentrated Vitamin C ), Clean and Clear Vitamin C and Ginseng facewash and 10UMF Manuka Honey. I am also using 30% Glycolic acid once a week and using Clearasil cleanser toner everyday and scotch-tape exfoliating everyday as well!

But, the marks are either not going away or going away way too slowly!

Any tips ?

The Correct Treatment

27 July 2012 - 01:51 AM

I keep on seeing day after day where people are opening threads about their acne.

Solution to acne is very simple.
First, identify your acne pimple and then act on it.

SMALL BOIL - tiny in size , white puss-filled > Dettolize a needle and leak it. Won't leave marks
PUSS BOIL - large in size and covered with thick white puss > Dettolize a needle and leak it. If necessary, wear vinyl gloves and gently press from both sides to leak out the puss. Will leave marks ( See below for solution )
HARD BOIL - Sore to touch and reddish, has no head > Facewash >>Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% cream >>moisturizer. This will kill the bad stuff inside the boil and the boil will go down in size. Will leave marks ( See below for solution )
GEL BOIL- Not sore to touch but does not go away even with BP. You ahve to poke in centre and slowly leak out gel liek stuff. Things will get bloody unfortunately. Will leave marks ( See below for solution )
HERMIT PIMPLE - no puss and are tiny but feel like tiny bump on face. Wear vinyl gloves and gently press from both sides to leak out the sebum. Wont leave marks

MARKS - Facewash >>Manuka honey ( 10UMF or higher ) apply at day/evening and leave on for 2 hrs.

Ultimate Marks Treatment ?

15 May 2012 - 04:27 AM

So, has anyone found the ultimate Marks treatment cream/ regimen that fades all of their marks to nothing within a week?