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Siava's Bloggity Acne Blog > 4 Years Post Accutane (Sotret)

Posted 28 November 2012

I'm on the right. That's my daughter on the left. She has amazing skin thanks to BCP. This was taken in July, but my skin looks the same.

Still liking my skin a lot. I get the occassional blemish, but have not had any cysts or nodules. Sometimes I get lazy and forgetful, straying from my skin cleansing regimen. When that happens my skin is all too...

Siava's Bloggity Acne Blog > 3 Years Post Accutane (Sotret)

Posted 04 February 2011

Skin is still rockin'! Posted Image

I've quit using Green Cream and now use Alpha Hydrox's Retinol Night Resq cream. It's much cheaper and has been working just as well.

That's it! Nothing else to report....

Siava's Bloggity Acne Blog > 2 Years 1 Month Post Sotret (Accutane)

Posted 22 September 2010

I've run out of Retin-a Micro and don't have any more refills. I can afford to buy a new prescription, but coupled with the co-pay of seeing the dermatologist is too much so I ordered Green Cream level 6. I think next time I'll order level 9. So far it has worked well. There haven't been any breakouts. My skin is still relatively blemish...

Siava's Bloggity Acne Blog > Almost 2 Year Post Sotret (Accutane)

Posted 30 April 2010

Skin is still wonderful! I love it. I do get a couple of little pimples around my mouth/chin area before my menstrual cycle, but other than that the activity is nill.


I'm still using Retin-a Micro 0.04% on a nightly basis and Dan's AHA+ a couple of times a week.

Siava's Bloggity Acne Blog > 1.5 Years Post Accutane

Posted 09 December 2009

My skin is still amazing. The Perioral Dermatitis is finally gone. The only issue is the occassional millia, but that's nothing. It took awhile for the low energy levels to go away, but they've finally gone. I feel like my old self again. I still intend to update periodically even if I've only got a sentence or two to write because it gave me...